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Get Your Self-Evaluation Right

November 25 2019 by Miguel Pone

Get your self-evaluation right with our comprehensive guide below The dreaded self-evaluation. What is it and why do I have […]

5 Free United Nations Online Courses

May 1 2019 by Miguel Pone
United Nations Logo

5 free United Nations online courses you can take anywhere, anytime Social Change, Social Norms Provided by United Nations Children’s […]

Do you have a fear of failure?

May 11 2015 by Editorial - admin

Fear of failure Avoiding failure encourages us to get things done. It helps us to stay motivated and to reach […]

Want To Improve Your Application? The GCF Can Help!

October 15 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Discover our career service providers here to help you in your job search and applications. Get a free CV review […]

Free Offer For GCF Attendees: Discover Your Strengths To Gain The Edge

October 3 2014 by Alix Vazeux

The latest addition to the Global Careers Fair will help jobseekers understand themselves better and stand out to target employers […]

Your New Job is a Nightmare?

September 9 2014 by Alix Vazeux

You just started your first days at work… new location, new office, new colleagues… but NOT one of them sounds […]

How Successful People Stay Calm

August 12 2014 by Alix Vazeux

“I think intermittent stressful events are probably what keeps the brain more alert, and you perform better when you are […]

Top 10 Skills on LinkedIn

August 11 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Update your LinkedIn profile regularly in order for recruiters to be able to take a look at your current activities. […]

5 Ways to Make People Remember Your Job Interview

by Alix Vazeux

Set yourself apart during your interview… that is your major objective. Don’t forget that the recruiters has likely seen a […]

Are Your Work Expectations Realistic?

August 8 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Expectations are driving your career whatever job you will start. Prepare by fixing goals and achieving them. It is a […]

Answer These Five Questions before You Share a Link on Social Media!

by Alix Vazeux

For Workers or Job Seekers, check out these major questions you should ask yourself before using social media as a […]

Learn How your Email Address can Kill Your Chance for an Interview

August 1 2014 by Alix Vazeux

You created a brilliant cover letter to reinforce your stellar CV. They are both ready to send to the recruiter. […]

How to maximise the value of LinkedIn – five things to do every day…

July 16 2014 by Alix Vazeux

LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful tools for recruiters and candidates. Both powerful international companies and small ones […]

Continuing our Series of Articles about the Importance of Good Grammar & Spelling…

by Alix Vazeux

You have created a well designed CV, highlighted your experience, given strong references and justified your suitability for the position… […]

Get a free Language Lesson with our New Partner, mYngle

June 24 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Many international organisations require candidates to have two or more languages. The challenge is how to improve your skills most […]

6 Tips to work Smarter for Young Professionals!

May 29 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Starting in this demanding World of Work is not an easy task for graduates and young professionals: delivering your best […]

4 Career Lessons From “The Wolf of Wall Street”

May 15 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Aside from breaking the world-record for most number of f-bombs dropped in a movie (506), “The Wolf of Wall Street” […]

5 Things Every New Graduate should Know

April 11 2014 by Alix Vazeux

From my personal experience, I know that graduation day is a big step in your life. You are now done […]

What would Attract you in a Job Advert?

April 1 2014 by Alix Vazeux

This interesting post asks some interesting questions about what makes an attractive job ad and what it means for the […]

10 Benefits of Working Abroad

March 24 2014 by Alix Vazeux

If you are hesitating about relocating abroad, this article might convince you to go for it! Nowadays, more and more […]

Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Twitter

March 4 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, poet and cartoonist. He was widely known for his children’s books written and […]