What is happening in the IPS/NGO world

VSO – Professional Volunteering

May 13 2019 by Miguel Pone
VSO Logo

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) brings together people from different backgrounds, expertise and experiences to fight poverty. Last year their volunteers […]

How important is diversity in your workplace to you?

November 19 2014 by Editorial - admin

It appears from research by Glassdoor, an organisation that tries to understand candidate perceptions of employers and allows you to rate […]

Why the IMF could make a difference to your career while making a difference to the world

November 4 2014 by Editorial - admin

The IMF ‘s aim is to foster global growth and economic stability. While it is headquartered in Washington, D.C., its global reach […]

ICRC Seeking Engineers In Water And Habitat

October 6 2014 by Alix Vazeux

To get an idea about how engineers at the ICRC brings water, shelter and sanitation to people affected by conflict […]

Are You A Graduate Passionate To Work In The Humanitarian Field? Read About The UNHCR’s New Programme

October 1 2014 by Alix Vazeux

The UNHCR has launched the Entry level Humanitarian Professional Programme (EHP). Dedicated to professionals under 40 who are passionate about […]

Spot on UNHCR exhibiting at the next GCF

September 16 2014 by Alix Vazeux

We are delighted to present our reliable exhibitor for the next Global Careers Fair: the UN Refugee Agency, emerged in […]

Gender Inequality in Public Service

August 20 2014 by Alix Vazeux

We previously mentioned the persistent inequality between men and women in some areas of the workforce. It is important for […]

What does volunteering add to your career development?

July 16 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Volunteering can represent a valuable experience to enhance your CV – in addition to the fact that you are working […]

Angelina Jolie talks about the UNHCR’s amazing work

July 3 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Take a look at this powerful video where Angelina Jolie talks about the UNHCR’s work and why she supports them. […]

Meet Marc Fillieux – Head of the Recruitment Unit of the International Labour Organization

June 12 2014 by Alix Vazeux

We would like to share with you the brilliant experience of one of the top recruiters at the ILO. In […]

Meet Laura Tarragona-Saez – Head of Unit at EPSO

February 26 2014 by Editorial - admin

This week we would like to share with you the personal experience of a Head of Unit at European Personnel […]

Top 5 Reasons to Work for a Non-Profit Organization

October 29 2013 by Borja Saldana

With a Business degree, graduates can dive into many different areas of the workforce. There’s for-profit companies, where you can […]