Registration for GCF5 is now open!

September 10 2014 by Alix Vazeux

We are delighted to announce that we are opening today the registrations for the next Global Careers Fair which will […]

4 Signs Your New Job Is In Danger

September 9 2014 by Alix Vazeux

It may happen after a week or a year of work in a company; there are some signs that should […]

Your New Job is a Nightmare?

by Alix Vazeux

You just started your first days at work… new location, new office, new colleagues… but NOT one of them sounds […]

Do Women Occupy even a Third of the Public Sector Leadership Roles?

August 20 2014 by Alix Vazeux

In order to encourage Women to work in the International Public Sector, we would like you to have a look […]

Gender Inequality in Public Service

by Alix Vazeux

We previously mentioned the persistent inequality between men and women in some areas of the workforce. It is important for […]

5 Tips For Transitioning To A New City

August 19 2014 by Alix Vazeux

You arrived in the city 5 years ago, you have discovered all the secrets and magic of the incredible metropole […]

10 Tips to Help you Find a Job using Social Media

by Alix Vazeux

There are many ways to use your social media profiles for your job search. Here are our useful tips to […]

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

August 18 2014 by Alix Vazeux

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” is THE classic question to end a job interview. By asking this […]

Use Social Media to Improve your Job Search

by Alix Vazeux

Using social media is now part of the recruitment process. We want to share this information with you because many […]

Tips for Surviving a Career Transition

by Alix Vazeux

Thinking of a a new career direction? To change  industry, company or even country, you will have to face various […]

What is a Foreign Policy Graduate Program?

by Alix Vazeux

Many Graduates would like to dedicate themselves to the Public Sector but don’t know how to approach this environmment.  Nowadays, […]

How To Cope With Redundancy?

August 15 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Redundancy has become more of a possibility for everyone’s career. For most of us it seems like it is the […]

Public-Private Partnerships: An Innovative Solution?

by Alix Vazeux

In this article, you will be able to discuss the benefits of a potential partnership between Public and Private Sectors. […]

5 questions Not to Ask to End a Job Interview

by Alix Vazeux

The last sentence of an employer at the end of an interview will be “Do you have any questions for […]

How to Spend the First 10 Minutes of Your Day?

August 14 2014 by Alix Vazeux

The idea in this article is to understand what little actions will help you start your day at work in […]

What’s Your 30-Second Resume?

by Alix Vazeux

Networking is a major tool for your job search. You need some advice on how to make a pro-active networking […]

15 Reasons Someone Else Got the Job

by Alix Vazeux

CareerBuilder conducted a study to understand  what are the influencing factors for a prospective employer’s decision when two candidates are […]

Questions To Ask Before Quitting Your Job To Work at a Start -Up

by Alix Vazeux

Are you bored of working in a corporate where you are considered as just a simple number amongst thousands of […]

The Easy Secret to Making Yourself Better at Anything

by Alix Vazeux

In order to be happy in your life you need to be satisfied within yourself. By experience we know that […]

Choosing Your LinkedIn Groups

August 13 2014 by Alix Vazeux

To optimise your level of engagement on LinkedIn and in order to get a  contact with all the specialists of […]

How to Survive a Social Company Culture as an Introvert

by Alix Vazeux

Are you an introvert trying to survive in a company filled with extroverts?  Here is some advice to help you […]

Be Aware of the 8 Lies Interviewers Tell Candidates!

by Alix Vazeux

Recruiters meet a variety of candidates and try to make the best selection between all of them. Interviewers regularly deliver […]

About the Global Careers fair, did you know that…

August 12 2014 by Alix Vazeux

We are delighted to announce the official date of the next Global Careers Fair on 22-23 October 2014. From wherever […]

How Successful People Stay Calm

by Alix Vazeux

“I think intermittent stressful events are probably what keeps the brain more alert, and you perform better when you are […]

A Great Formula for your Resume Success

August 11 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Want to create a successful CV? The science minded will appreciate the new manner of guaranteeing  a great CV. We […]

Top 10 Skills on LinkedIn

by Alix Vazeux

Update your LinkedIn profile regularly in order for recruiters to be able to take a look at your current activities. […]

5 Ways to Make People Remember Your Job Interview

by Alix Vazeux

Set yourself apart during your interview… that is your major objective. Don’t forget that the recruiters has likely seen a […]

Are Your Work Expectations Realistic?

August 8 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Expectations are driving your career whatever job you will start. Prepare by fixing goals and achieving them. It is a […]

Answer These Five Questions before You Share a Link on Social Media!

by Alix Vazeux

For Workers or Job Seekers, check out these major questions you should ask yourself before using social media as a […]

How Your Personality Could Help You Find a Job (or Keep You Unemployed)?

August 6 2014 by Alix Vazeux

During an interview, let your personality engage with the recruiter. Even if you don’t have all the required competencies for […]