The Social Job Search: What you don’t know Can hurt you

March 1 2014 by Editorial - admin

We would like to help you in your job search strategy, including the changes and improvements you need to make […]

Media Partner News

February 27 2014 by Editorial - admin

IntJobs specialises in roles for international affairs experts. IntJobs collects and displays worldwide international affairs jobs, otherwise scattered on multiple […]

Spotlight on UN Women

by Editorial - admin

This week we are delighted to present UN Women, one of our youngest exhibitors. In July 2010, the United Nations General […]

Meet Lourdes Chabrol, attendee at the Global Careers Fair

February 26 2014 by Editorial - admin

Lourdes Chabrol, attendee at the Global Careers Fair, was delighted to have an opportunity to share with us her personal […]

Six Business Blog Topics That Will Attract Local Customers

February 19 2014 by Editorial - admin

            Search engine optimization is one of many benefits of blogging. Blogging improves your search engine […]

Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Event

February 17 2014 by Editorial - admin

            You might be asking yourself: Why be social at events in the first place? […]

8 Ways to Survive a Recruiter Office Romance

February 14 2014 by Editorial - admin

                Valentine’s Day is here… and one of 2 things is likely are […]

Post of the Week!

February 13 2014 by Editorial - admin

As so much of our focus this week has been on the Global Careers Fair, we thought we would feature […]

Three People, Three Salaries: How They Spend and Save

February 12 2014 by Editorial - admin

Ever wished you could peek at the spending habits of someone with the same salary as you? We asked three […]

Charity really does begin at home

February 8 2014 by Editorial - admin

It’s a popular myth that the British Red Cross spends more money on international disasters than emergencies at home – […]