Top 20 Interview Questions – and their Best Answers!

January 16 2014 by Editorial - admin

Many of the questions that employers ask at job interviews will be standard interview questions. It’s important to be prepared […]

10K on Facebook! You will be the next to join ?

January 15 2014 by Editorial - admin

Questions and answers on forced labour

January 14 2014 by Editorial - admin

What is forced labour? Is it the same as trafficking and slavery? According to the ILO’s Forced Labour Convention No. […]

Newsletter #1

January 13 2014 by Editorial - admin

News of the week   Welcome to our first newsletter. So what’s been happening? Over 5,250 people have registered for […]

The new job hunt

by Editorial - admin

Global Careers Fair Fundraising

January 10 2014 by Editorial - admin

  On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan displaced an estimated 4 million people in the Philippines – more than the […]

How to be a CV showoff without overwhelming a recruiter

by Editorial - admin

A doctor examines a patient during a community medical outreach in Pakistan funded by UK’s Department of International Development. It’s […]

What’s in a job title?

January 9 2014 by Editorial - admin

You’ve decided to make a change and search for a new job. Congratulations! While applying online for some choice positions, […]

#CoffeeBreak – 9 January 2014

by Editorial - admin

        #CoffeeBreak @GCFSocial, a good laugh midday, now i have to go back finishing the development of […]

Working abroad… Is this real life?

by Editorial - admin

  Wow, has it been over two months in Thailand already? I do not know where the time goes here! Every […]