Are you prepared for the Global Careers Fair?

February 25 2015 by Editorial - admin

With less than four weeks until the next Global Careers Fair opens its doors, it’s time to start thinking about […]

When did you last look at your LinkedIn photo?

February 2 2015 by Editorial - admin

It’s a critical part of your profile, yet like most things you see every day, it can become invisible. So […]

Does what works in the USA work where you are?

December 18 2014 by Editorial - admin

With so much online advice and content being generated in the English language in the USA, and with great respect […]

Don’t let barriers stop your job change before it’s started

December 4 2014 by Editorial - admin

It’s difficult enough making the decision that you need to change jobs, let alone actually beginning the task. It can […]

Is sleep deprivation murdering your career?

by Editorial - admin

It’s something most of us have experienced. Whether it’s due to stress, over activity late at night as we work […]

Meet 8 of the World Food Programme’s Loggies!

November 17 2014 by Editorial - admin

That’s the affectionate name for the logistics experts who are vital to the delivery of protective gear, medical items, equipment and […]

Time to get your CV in shape

November 10 2014 by Editorial - admin

Your CV may not feel like the most urgent thing to be thinking about right now. Surely, it makes sense […]

Will your social media profile lose you the job offer

November 5 2014 by Editorial - admin

According to a new survey by CareerBuilder an increasing number of employers are using social media to research job candidates […]

The World Maritime University has so much to offer employees as well as students

November 3 2014 by Editorial - admin

Founded in 1983 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, WMU is a center of […]

How can you ensure you get noticed at work and obtain the promotion you deserve?

by Editorial - admin

Quite simply you need to constantly show your colleagues, your boss and others outside the organisation that you work with, […]