Speak with recruiters from UN Women, UNRWA, UNICEF, IAEA, UNOPS & EIB at Global Careers For Women Event

February 21 2017 by Global Careers

Global Careers For Women Live event: March 2 2017 – 11:00am – 6:00pm (GMT) Speak with leading organisations including UN Women, UNICEF, UNRWA, […]

Speak with recruiters from UN Women & UNRWA at Global Careers For Women Event

February 10 2017 by Global Careers

We’re launching Global Careers FOR WOMEN, a month-long focus on careers for women working in International Organisations and International NGOs.  #BeBoldForChange Coinciding […]

UNHCR will be looking to recruit at the MENA online careers fair

January 25 2017 by Global Careers

  Recruiters from UNHCR will be online at the MENA Global Careers Fair on Thursday 26 January, & they’re seeking to connect with candidates with […]

New GCF Job Board Update

June 15 2016 by Global Careers

We’ve made a few changes to the layout of our job board, making it easier for you to navigate around the board, […]

We’re finally on Instagram!

April 22 2016 by Global Careers

We know we’re a bit late to the party in joining the Instagram hype, but the team at Global Careers […]

Can you see yourself at EU Careers?

March 8 2016 by Global Careers

Can you see yourself at EU Careers? Recruiters from EU Careers will be attending the Global Careers Fair on the 10th […]

Welcome to our brand new site!

February 8 2016 by Global Careers

Welcome to our brand new site! We’re extremely proud to unveil some phenomenal new features; one of which is our […]

5 Top tips to win the day in a video interview

December 4 2015 by Global Careers

It’s the norm for many of us to use Skype or Facetime or Google Hangouts as a regular means of […]

How to get the best from visiting your next Careers Fair

by Global Careers

Whether it’s a face to face event in a specific location or an online event, Like our very own Global […]

Sit down & get to know yourself better

by Global Careers

Sit down and get to know yourself better Sometimes knowing ourselves is not that easy. You can often confirm immediately […]

Young Afghan uses language skills to help medics on Lesvos

November 23 2015 by Global Careers

LESVOS, Greece, UNHCR – Amena Yusufi, a 21-year-old woman from Afghanistan, stepped out of a medical tent on Lesvos’ busy Moria […]

Stop the violence. Protect Health Care

November 5 2015 by Global Careers

In the last few months, a number of attacks against health-care workers, medical transports and facilities have taken place in […]

African Union leaders pledge to invest in promise of young people

November 4 2015 by Global Careers

AFRICAN UNION CONFERENCE HALL, New York/LILONGWE, Malawi – At 15 years old, Luwiza Lewis, in Malawi, became pregnant and dropped out […]

The power of girls: African athletes call for gender equality, support for girls

by Global Careers

BRAZZAVILLE, Congo – “We are tired of hearing our parents telling us how, back in their days, young girls were […]

Migrant & Refugee Crisis – How the Red Cross & Red Crescent is responding

November 3 2015 by Global Careers

Scale of the crisis The conflict in Syria has created one of the most serious and daunting humanitarian crises in […]

Malala celebrates top GCSE results

August 24 2015 by Editorial - admin

Girl’s education campaigner Malala Yousafzai has received top GCSE results revealed by her parents. The 18 year old came to the […]

Rate how happy you are in your career!

by Editorial - admin

If you could rate how happy you are in your career out of 10, what would you give? A 3/10? […]

20 Signs you’re stuck in a dead-end job

July 24 2015 by Editorial - admin

Do you wake up every morning dreading going into the office? Unfortunately, this is one of many obvious signs that […]

Global Careers Fair – 7th Edition Results

July 15 2015 by Editorial - admin

As the 7th Edition of the Global Careers Fair was a fantastic event all-round, we thought it deserved its own […]

A big thank you!

July 13 2015 by Editorial - admin

We would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended the 7th Edition of the Global […]

Kick-start your professional career!

June 24 2015 by Editorial - admin

Get your career started with a Young Professionals Programme at the Global Careers Fair. This year at the Global Careers […]


June 23 2015 by Editorial - admin

How do I sign into the fair? To login to the Global Careers Fair (after registering) return to www.GlobalCareersFair.com and […]

Are you fully prepared? Take our test to find out!

June 15 2015 by Editorial - admin

The countdown has begun! The Global Careers Fair will officially open its virtual doors in less than two weeks on the 25th […]

Engineers, Project Managers & more wanted at UNOPS

by Editorial - admin

Can you see yourself working at UNOPS? The United Nations Office of Project Services is currently recruiting for a variety […]

Can you see yourself working at the World Health Organisation?

by Editorial - admin

The World Health Organisation (WHO) are currently recruiting, and they’re looking for candidates just like you… Recruiters from the World […]

Make sure you stand out at the Global Careers Fair!

by Editorial - admin

Want to give yourself a step-up in comparison to other job seekers? You can boost your career with a professional […]

Receive a FREE PDA Behavioural Assessment

June 8 2015 by Editorial - admin

PDA International will be attending the Global Careers Fair on the 25th June, and they will be talking to candidates […]

What makes the Global Careers Fair different from other career fairs?

by Editorial - admin

As soon as someone hears the term ‘Career Fair’, they tend to think of the hassle that comes with it, […]

Are you bored at work?

by Editorial - admin

Do you always watch the clock?  Does time feel as if it’s standing still?  Do find that you have no […]

Important Candidate Information

May 29 2015 by Editorial - admin

New candidates: If you’re a new candidate, signing up to the Fair has never been easier. Simply visit the Global […]

Can you picture yourself working at these top organisations?

by Editorial - admin

Can you picture yourself working at top organisations such as ICRC, UNOPS, WHO, WTO and UN Secretariat? These organisations have […]

Are you embarking on a new career?

May 21 2015 by Editorial - admin

The Global Careers Fair – International Public Sector Online/Virtual Career Fair is an amazing opportunity to discover new and exciting […]

Follow us on Google + for more career related updates!

May 5 2015 by Editorial - admin

We understand that everyone has their own preferred social media channel, which is why we have created our very own […]

A big “Thank you!”

March 27 2015 by Editorial - admin

We would just like to say a big thank you to all those who attended the Global Careers Fair on the […]

The Global Careers Fair is officially open!

March 24 2015 by Editorial - admin

The Global Careers Fair is officially open! Our virtual doors opened at 9:00am sharp, and we’re already seeing a great response […]

Is your CV up to scratch?

March 23 2015 by Editorial - admin

The Global Careers Fair will give you the opportunity to speak with top recruiters from around the world, and in order […]

Less than a week to go…

March 19 2015 by Editorial - admin

Less than a week to go… It’s less than a week to go until the Global Careers Fair takes place […]

Do you want to make a difference?

March 13 2015 by Editorial - admin

Do you want to make a difference? Are there moments in your job where you feel that you could be […]

Are You Stuck In A Career Rut?

March 9 2015 by Editorial - admin

Do you feel unfulfilled, unmotivated and bored in your current position? Perhaps you feel as if your career has reached […]

Are you prepared for the Global Careers Fair?

February 25 2015 by Editorial - admin

With less than four weeks until the next Global Careers Fair opens its doors, it’s time to start thinking about […]

Is sleep deprivation murdering your career?

December 4 2014 by Editorial - admin

It’s something most of us have experienced. Whether it’s due to stress, over activity late at night as we work […]

Meet 8 of the World Food Programme’s Loggies!

November 17 2014 by Editorial - admin

That’s the affectionate name for the logistics experts who are vital to the delivery of protective gear, medical items, equipment and […]

Time to get your CV in shape

November 10 2014 by Editorial - admin

Your CV may not feel like the most urgent thing to be thinking about right now. Surely, it makes sense […]

The World Maritime University has so much to offer employees as well as students

November 3 2014 by Editorial - admin

Founded in 1983 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, WMU is a center of […]

Possibly one of the highest profile NGOs in the world

October 31 2014 by Editorial - admin

There are sadly few world news bulletins within which a territory will not be mentioned where the UNHCR is active. For […]

What is a NEET?

by Editorial - admin

Following the Great Recession there is the number of children and young people Not in Employment, Education or Training in EU/OECD […]

It’s not just about emergencies

October 28 2014 by Editorial - admin

Much of the work of development and relief agencies is more about prevention, education and understanding, though emergencies like the […]

Could you help make Europe a safer place to work?

by Editorial - admin

Donning Darth Vader style armour to stay safe in the work place may not be practical or desirable. The European […]

There’s still time…

October 27 2014 by Editorial - admin

If you didn’t manage to visit the Fair last week (though over 6,000 career searchers looking for International opportunities did), don’t despair. […]

“First floor – Going up!” What floor is your career on?

October 2 2014 by Alix Vazeux

What is the right floor for your career? The Global Careers Fair will be introducing different themed floors at our […]

QUIZ: What Kind Of Networker Are You?

September 26 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Networking is a critical factor in improving your chances when job hunting. So, the challenge is – how to do […]

The 100 Best Companies For Working Moms

September 24 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Working mothers face the daily juggling act of balancing their professional and personal lives. Working fathers are also increasingly affected. […]

Tips for Surviving a Career Transition

August 18 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Thinking of a a new career direction? To change  industry, company or even country, you will have to face various […]

Let’s spread the Global Careers Fair Worldwide

July 9 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Can you help us help more candidates? Please share your ideas about how we can reach more job seekers via […]

Thank you to our Media Partners

July 3 2014 by Alix Vazeux

The Global Careers Fair was supported by four Media Partners. Thanks to Exec-appointments (part of the Financial Times), Jeune Afrique, […]

Announcing the Global Careers Fair bookstore! A great resource for careers advice

June 17 2014 by Alix Vazeux

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Global Careers Fair bookstore as part of the next Global Careers […]

Happy Birthday to the Rubik’s Cube!

May 19 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Today we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Erno Rubik inventing the Rubik’s Cube by making todays “Google Doodle” a […]

Enhancements to the Global Careers Fair – sharing is caring!

May 2 2014 by Alix Vazeux

We are continuously looking for ways to enhance your experience of using the Global Careers Fair platform. We’ve just updated […]

Avoid Accepting a Job You Don’t Love: Ask These 5 Questions

March 4 2014 by Alix Vazeux

For those of you finding yourself in the situation of taking a decision on a job offer, here are some […]

Media Partner News

February 27 2014 by Editorial - admin

IntJobs specialises in roles for international affairs experts. IntJobs collects and displays worldwide international affairs jobs, otherwise scattered on multiple […]

Spotlight on UN Women

by Editorial - admin

This week we are delighted to present UN Women, one of our youngest exhibitors. In July 2010, the United Nations General […]

Meet Lourdes Chabrol, attendee at the Global Careers Fair

February 26 2014 by Editorial - admin

Lourdes Chabrol, attendee at the Global Careers Fair, was delighted to have an opportunity to share with us her personal […]

Six Business Blog Topics That Will Attract Local Customers

February 19 2014 by Editorial - admin

            Search engine optimization is one of many benefits of blogging. Blogging improves your search engine […]

Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Event

February 17 2014 by Editorial - admin

            You might be asking yourself: Why be social at events in the first place? […]

8 Ways to Survive a Recruiter Office Romance

February 14 2014 by Editorial - admin

                Valentine’s Day is here… and one of 2 things is likely are […]

Post of the Week!

February 13 2014 by Editorial - admin

As so much of our focus this week has been on the Global Careers Fair, we thought we would feature […]

Three People, Three Salaries: How They Spend and Save

February 12 2014 by Editorial - admin

Ever wished you could peek at the spending habits of someone with the same salary as you? We asked three […]

Charity really does begin at home

February 8 2014 by Editorial - admin

It’s a popular myth that the British Red Cross spends more money on international disasters than emergencies at home – […]

The ICRC’s Action in Colombia!

February 6 2014 by Alix Vazeux

Have a look and join them! If you want to have a precise idea of how the ICRC tries to […]

Do you have what it takes… to work for all the citizens of Europe?

February 5 2014 by Alix Vazeux

    Over 500 million people. 28 Member States, over 30.000 colleagues, communicating in at least 2 languages. Why work anywhere […]