Chief of General Services

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Industry Sector:
International Public Sector
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Chief of General Services

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Chief of General Services

Tasks and Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will be tasked with the following duties:

1. Providing strategic advice to the CFA on the material resources, logistical and support functions required to implement the Mission mandate;

2. Through status reports, statistical analysis and commitment to supply chain management, developing and implementing a service optimization plan to ensure continuous improvement in the quality and delivery of services to the mission’s staff and allow for efficiencies wherever possible;

3. Initiating the development and implementation of the Mission’s support work plan, ensuring co-ordination and monitoring of overall strategies for the general services activities and their consistent implementation in all Mission locations;

4. Ensuring effective supervision and co-ordination of the Mission’s procurement, materials management, buildings and transport units, including fleet management functions;

5. Overseeing and co-ordinating the development of procedures, guidelines and policies to ensure that the Mission’s operational requirements are met;

6. Assigning work to Material Resources Section managers, monitors implementation, evaluating performance and ensuring that staff development needs are met;

7. Ensuring that Mission staff are properly supported, guided and advised on the consistent application of organisational policies on asset management and on the establishment of asset replacement plans;

8. Providing advice on technical matters and recommendations for improvement to the CFA in relation to Mission equipment, receipt, inspection and storage management;

9. Reviewing policies, procedures and practices for improved management of assets (including utilisation, transfer, loan, donation and disposal of assets);

10. Interpreting and assessing the impact of policy changes and those made to the CRMS within the area of materials management and makes recommendations for follow-up action;

11. Identifying gaps and weaknesses in materials management procedures and practices, developing and implementing plans for improvement;

12. Initiating submissions for the write-off and disposal of excess or damaged properties to the CFA/FMMC as appropriate;

13. Acting as the principal administrative and logistical liaison between the Mission and other local international partners including EUFOR (Administrative tasks for access and co-operation with Military operational and security plans in co-ordination with Mission Chief of Security;

14. Overseeing logistics operations undertaken by the Mission within BiH or outside the AoR including preparation and submission of plans to the CFA as appropriate;

15. Planning the operations of the Asset, Supply and Logistics Unit, develops procedures, guidelines and policies in support of the implementation of operations and activities; authorising reports and statistical analysis for submission to the CFA;

16. Providing oversight and supervision for the procurement of diverse services and supply commodities, developing standards and criteria for the evaluation of all phases and aspects of the procurement process;

17. Managing the preparation of requests for large scale and major bids, including liaison with Secretariat staff, processing of specifications and other exhibits that may be required in the procurement process to ensure that all actions have been taken and all contracts have been issued in accordance with OSCE Regulations and Rules applicable to specific processes;

18. Formulating strategies and designs innovative solutions to resolve complex procurement issues;

19. Advising the CFA, Fund and Programme Managers on procurement issues and providing support and guidance during all stages of the procurement cycle;

20. Any other duties as assigned.

For more detailed information on the structure and work of the the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, please see:

Necessary Qualifications:

  • Citizenship of an OSCE participating State, excluding the citizenship of the country of the duty station;
  • First-level university degree in public/business administration or engineering building maintenance, architecture or in procurement or logistics. Minimum CIPS 3 or equivalent qualification would be desirable;
  • At least 6 years of experience in management and operations;
  • Experience in Procurement, logistics, including transport and asset management in an international set up is required;
  • Building Management experience would be considered as an asset;
  • Professional fluency in English, written and oral; Working knowledge of local languages would be an asset;
  • Computer literate with practical experience with ERP systems and Microsoft applications;
  • Holding a valid driving license.

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