Manager, Islamic Economics & Finance Research

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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International Public Sector
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Manager, Islamic Economics & Finance Research

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Role PurposeTo provide the leadership, direction and coordination of activities for the Islamic Economics and Finance Research Division in the Research and Development Services Department. To perform day-to-day operational decisions, ensuring the Division achieves its results and that it fully contributes to the delivery of the Department goals. To ensure IRTI provides applied and policy research in Islamic Economics and Finance, to collaborate with Advisory and Technical Assistance Division in fostering policy dialogue with member countries and other interested groups, and to assist member countries institutions and others in strengthening research in Islamic Economics and Finance. To ensure impactful research outputs that will feed into advisory, technical assistance and training activities for IDB member and non-member countries.

Key Accountabilities and Activities: Strategy Implementation and Operational Planning

  • Participate in the development of the Research and Advisory Services Department, budget and business planning processes

    • Create and implement actionable Islamic Economics and Finance Research Division short to medium term operational plans and budgets with operational KPls linked to the Research and Advisory Services Department strategy
    • Co-ordinate the Islamic Economics and Finance Research Division’s activities so that it effectively utilises its resources, manages its priorities, and is able to be both responsive and proactive
    • Manage, monitor and evaluate the Islamic Economics and Finance Research Division’s on-going performance and quality of its outputs and services, identifying and initiating actions for improvement and innovation
    • Build and develop productive inter-Divisional working relationships within IDB Group and with external partners for joint working and knowledge sharing
    • Provide regular management reports with analysis and comment on Islamic Economics and Finance Research Divisional performance and results

Relationship Management

  • Be a key point of contact for relationship management, development and coordination with government and development partners in matters related to IFSI research

    • Develop and strengthen partnerships with academic and research institutions at local, regional and global levels.

Research Analysis and Studies

  • Undertake and supervise basic, applied and policy research to develop models and methods for the application of Shari’ah in economics, finance and banking

    • Coordinate studies on economic behaviour and decision making in Islamic Economics and Finance
    • Coordinate institutional and economic research on Islamic Economics and Finance matters, such as the risk characteristics of Islamic and conventional finance, monetary and financial stability in the presence of Islamic Economics and Finance and practical aspects of Zakat and Awqaf implementation and their role in IFSI development
    • Commission text books and surveys and coordinate research on emerging trends, practices, common themes and issues in Islamic Economics and Finance
    • Manage the establishment of a knowledge base, an inventory of best practices and a comprehensive and up-to date view of IFSI
    • Drawing on the research and studies, manage and oversee the development of broad strategies, standards, best practices and technical guidance to member country governments and agencies on policy design and implementation related to Islamic Economics and Finance

Distribution of the Statistical Data, Research and Study Findings

  •  Organize the production of reviews and reports on the progress and state of IFSI in OIC the statistical data, countries and globally, and oversee the organisation of forums around the review of research and study related topics in financial stability, development and inclusiveness findings

    •  Maintain and disseminate data and statistics on IFSI for others to draw on
    • Publish research data and studies on Islamic Economics and Finance in IRTI’s Journal of Islamic Economics Studies and external academic journals
    • Responsible for the production of IRTl’s Journal of Islamic Economics Studies including editorial responsibilities
    • Manage the production of a bienniallFSI development report in cooperation with the Islamic Financial Services Industry Department of the Finance Complex

Promoting IFSI

  •  Manage the development and support of externallFSI research institutions in member and non-member countries

    • Represent IRTI in external events such as academic conferences and seminars related to IFSI.

People Management

  • Generate commitment, motivation and enthusiasm to Islamic Economics and Finance Management Research Division goals, and guide Division members through periods of change or uncertainly

    • Provide clear direction, prioritise tasks, assign and delegate responsibility and monitor the workflow
    • Plan, manage and review individual performance and provide regular feedback, development and coaching, taking prompt action where necessary
    • Provide opportunities for Islamic Economics and Finance Research Division members to suggest, participate in and contribute to improvement, innovation and knowledge sharing initiatives
    • Ensure the Islamic Economics and Finance Research Division complies with lOB’s policies, processes, practices and systems

Qualifications/Experience Field of Study :  Ph. D. in Economics / Finance / Business Administration.

  • At least 12 years working experience in Islamic Economics and Finance
  • Detailed knowledge of Islamic Economics and Finance
  • In-depth knowledge of relevant Shari’ah regulations.

Technical Skills and Necessary Knowledge: 

  • Strategic Planning skills.
  • People Management

Languages :

English :   Required

Arabic  :    Preferred

French:      Preferred


Technical Competencies

Has sound knowledge of Islamic Economics and Finance, in particular of Shari’ah compliant Competencies finance products and policies Demonstrates a deep understanding of emerging trends and themes in IFSI Ability to communicate with the highest level in governmental bodies and international institutions.

Leadership & People Management

Leads and guides through consequent results orientation based on lDB’s Vision 1440H; Management motivates and challenges employees; acts as a role model; facilitates capability development; acts with fairness and objectivity, is able to qive as well as receive feedback.


Encourages self and others to outstanding Performance; shows Responsiveness and dedication towards clients; is reliable and a person of Integrity, Dedicates self and others to serve clients in all needs, Empowers staff & displays confidence in critical situations.

Innovation & Future Focus

Comes up with ideas and initiatives; is able to identify future chances, requirements, and challenges for lDB; creates opportunities for and rewards innovation, initiatives, and creativity of team members; willing to commit resources to pursue solutions.

Change & Transition Management

Initiates and manages change through identifying and aligning efforts and resources to achieve the goals of the lDB Group Reform Project; accelerates and energizes the change on an on going basis through permanent focus, enthusiasm and commitment.

Solution & Result Management

Shows highest levels of solution- & results orientation and implementation focus while maintaining lDB’s Guiding Principles; tries new ways to solve problems and is able to integrate different views and build consensus; improves methodologies as a appropriate.

International & Multicultural Collaboration

Is open, tolerant, flexible, trustful and empathetic towards all members of the Ummah and beyond; thinks and acts without borders (MCs and non-MCs); is able to appreciate and integrate others’ views and beliefs without diluting core Islamic values

Communication & Partnership

Able to establish, extend and leverage contact & partnership to make decisions in the best interest of lDB’s Mission and its global strategy; Conveys information clearly, accurately and convincingIy ; recognizes importance of listening to and understanding needs of others.

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