Senior Technical Advisor

Mons, Belgium
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International Public Sector
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Senior Technical Advisor

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Vacancy Number: A39/1218

Post Number: OSC CYXX 0020

Job Title: Senior Technical Advisor NATO Grade: A-4

Basic Monthly Salary (12 x per year): 7.839,42 €, tax free

Closing Date: Sunday 31 March 2019

SHAPE is looking for a Senior Technical Advisor to support ACO senior leadership on Cyberspace strategy, operations, capabilities, policies and resources and to represent ACO interests in formal and informal meetings of NATO governance bodies.


SHAPE, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, is the Headquarters of Allied Command Operations (ACO), one of the two major military commands of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). ACO safeguards an area extending from the northern tip of Norway to the eastern border of Turkey. This equates to nearly two million square kilometres of land, more than three million square kilometres of sea, and a population of about 320 million people.


Location: Casteau/Mons, 60 Km south of Brussels (Belgium) Division: J6 Cyberspace


SHAPE is the strategic level command responsible for the planning, preparation, conduct and execution of NATO operations, missions, activities and tasks as directed by Council in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the Alliance. As a directorate uniquely established at the strategic level, the Cyberspace Directorate has oversight of all cyberspace activities across ACO, at all levels of command.

The J6 Cyberspace Division provides the strategic staff functions for cyberspace aspects within ACO’s strategic direction, planning and risk management to support NATO-led operations, initiatives, exercises and activities. The post is responsible for advising ACOS J6 Cyberspace on ACO Cyberspace strategy, for representing ACO positions and concerns regarding Cyberspace operations, capabilities and resources in formal and informal meetings of NATO governance bodies, and for providing coherent and consistent technical advice to the ACO MB, SHAPE MB and Command Group as well as the management and leadership of the directorate.


The incumbent’s duties are:

1) To act as ACO’s subject matter expert on the full range of Cyberspace technical matters;

2) To provide enterprise-wide technical guidance for ACO on behalf of ACOS J6 Cyberspace;

3)  To resolve differing technical viewpoints among the ACO Cyberspace community;

4)  To interact at the most senior levels with technical experts from other NATO Cyberspace Stakeholders, particularly the NATO C&I Agency;

5) To monitor and evaluate, from a high-level view, the performance of the C&I Agency in the performance of Service Level Agreements, project implementation, and similar matters, allowing ACO to act as an intelligent customer of all communications and information services;

6) To attend senior working groups and committee meetings on key technical issues for SHAPE and ACO;

7)  To maintain a technical overview of the ACO Cyberspace requirements;

8)  To co-ordinate and provide technical advice to the leadership and management of ACO, as well as the Cyberspace Directorate;

9) To maintain a technical overview of all Cyberspace capabilities in development and use;

10) To provide overall Cyberspace related direction and guidance within SHAPE, in the conduct of capability management functions and responsibilities Develop ACO policy, directives, and procedures for Cyberspace Capability management and Cyberspace related programme and project management;

11) To act as CP member (CP Coordinator, Mission Sponsor, Operational Coordinator, Subject Matter Expert – CAPCO, MISPO, OCO, SME) to ensure coherence, in the development and implementation of CPs and Projects in the J6Cyberspace Division’s area of responsibility;

12) Internal-coordination authority.

Committee Participation:

  • National C3 Representatives – Member/Representative
  • Working Group of National Technical Experts – Member/Representative • Cyber Defence Management Board – Observer


The incumbent may be required to undertake TDY assignments to areas of military operations and exercises, both within and without NATO’s boundaries. Such assignments are unlikely to exceed 7 days duration but may be on short notice. For NATO International Civilian staff, acceptance of an employment contract linked to this post constitutes agreement to deploy in excess of 30 days if required.

He/she may be required to formally represent ACOS J6 Cyberspace at NATO, Bi-SC and ACO meetings and may be required to makes presentations on behalf of ACO at NATO, Bi-SC and ACO meetings. The post holder may be required to organize and lead cross- functional teams in support of ACOS J6 Cyberspace taskings.

The work is normally performed in a Normal NATO office working environment. Normal Working Conditions apply. The risk of injury is categorised as: No risk / risk might increase when deployed.


A. Professional/Experience

1) Minimum of 10 years’ experience in military communications and information systems at both the operational and staff level.

2) Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a NATO communications and information systems organizational element (NATO Command Structure, NATO HQ staff, NATO Communications and Information Agency or its predecessors).

3) Minimum of 3 years’ experience in NATO common-funded resource matters (Military Budget, NATO Security Investment Programme, or both).

4) Minimum of 3 years’ experience in project, programme and/or portfolio management related to communications and information systems.

5) Minimum of 3 years’ experience in policy development, policy analysis and/or support of a NATO governance body (e.g., Military Committee).

B. Education/Training

University Degree in information technology, information systems engineering, business administration, quality engineering or related discipline, or Higher Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training.

C. Language

English – SLP 4343 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

NOTE: The work both oral and written in this post and in this Headquarters as a whole is conducted mainly in English.


A. Professional Experience

1. Experience in developing, operating or supporting both static and deployable military communications and information systems.

2. Experience in the operation or management of an enterprise-wide network and/or information system.

3. Experience in planning, operating or testing communications and information systems in multi-national exercises and / or operations.

4. Experience in the development, management or reporting of Service Level Agreements or Memoranda of Understanding for communications and information services.

5. Experience in managing contracts for the development, implementation, operation and/or support of communications and information systems.

B. Education/Training

1. Advanced university degree or post graduate diploma in management information technology, information systems engineering, business administration, quality engineering or other scientific or engineering field or equivalent experience.

2. Professional certification in Computer Security (CISSP, CISM or equivalent).

3. Certification in Programme Management (Managing Successful Programmes Practitioner Level, or equivalent).

4. Certification in Project Management (PRINCE 2, Practitioner Level or equivalent).

5. Certification in service management (ITIL or equivalent).

6. NATO Staff Officer Orientation Course or national equivalent.

7. NATO C4ISR Orientation or equivalent.

8. Resource Management Education Programme or equivalent.

9. NATO Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Course, or NATO Command and Control (C2) Course.

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