Operating Theatre Nurse

Industry Sector:
International Public Sector
Type of contract:
Very competitve

Operating Theatre Nurse

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  • As an integral part of a multi-disciplinary team and within the speciality, the OT Nurse promotes and ensures the delivery of high quality patient care to the beneficiaries.
  • The OT Nurse works at building capacity in its specific area of expertise within ICRC assisted or independent hospital structures with often limited resources and in challenging environments.
  • The OT nurse is at the core of developing and implementing good practices in the operating theatres of hospitals. S/he assesses training needs, develops plans of action and draws up training programmes with local personnel.


  • Demonstrates and delivers a high standard of evidence-based patient care within the Operating Theatres (OT)
  • Develops and delivers a measurable programme of training/coaching within the OT based on the relevant ICRC Guidelines.
  • Ensures quality care by adherence to sterilization and infection control policies and safety standards regarding the handling of sharps, fire safety, waste management, etc…
  • Establishes and/or completes, all relevant paperwork and ensures accurate and timely data collection for the OT activities.
  • Facilitates an appropriate OT preparedness and timely response to emergencies.
  • Collaborates fully and proactively with internal and external counterparts, assisting and supporting for an optimal day-to-day organization of operating theatres.
  • Ensures that all resources available within their domain of expertise are managed and maintained in an appropriate manner.
  • Supervises certain resident nursing and hospital support staff.


  • Bachelor in nursing (with a course of minimum 3 years).
  • Registered nurse with a valid license to practice in his/her country.
  • Operating Theatre Nursing speciality degree or as equivalent, at least 5 years’ experience in the domain.


  • 2 years clinical experience post speciality degree.
  • Very good French and English verbal and written communication skills.
  • Driving license for manual transmission vehicle with practice.
  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity.
  • Good communication skills, capacity to manage and work within a multidisciplinary team.
  • Positive, flexible and able to adapt him/herself to harsh living conditions and/or unstable security environment.


  • Previous experience(s) in acute care departments such as ER, ICU and Recovery Room
  • Previous International humanitarian and/or development experience in low income countries (NGO’s, IO or charity organization)
  • Previous experience(s) within the Red Cross & Red Crescent movement


A sense of achievement in alleviating suffering.Experience of different contexts, disciplines, and challenges.Opportunities to promote humanitarian values. A competitive employment package.


Assignment: 6 months minimum, preferably longer. Non-family posting.


International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

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