Technical Specialist (SECAP)

Rome, Italy
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Technical Specialist (SECAP)

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Technical Specialist (SECAP)

Key results expected / Major functional activities

1. Technical Advice

The Technical Specialist will work to enhance the quality of the preparation and implementation of the Social, Environmental and Climate Change Assessment Procedures (SECAP) including opportunities to enhance project development objectives through social integration, climate change adaptation and mitigation and sustainable environmental management. This will include support to projects financed through a variety of sources including the Programme of Loans and Grants (PoLG) and a variety of supplementary Funds.

Under the supervision of the Lead Regional Technical Specialist – Environment and Climate, ECG, the incumbent will:

  • Support the preparation and oversight of the implementation of SECAP requirements such as, inter alia, environment and social impact assessments, climate risk and adaptation assessments and environment and social management plans or frameworks in APR, NEN and LAC.
  • Provide focussed support to the Division and projects teams to enhance the assessment of social risks, targeting of youth, women and indigenous peoples’ support in the context of the SECAP;
  • Support the Division’s safeguards team’s efforts in providing advice, building capacity, and advancing the development of safeguards policies within member countries, in particular related to gender action plans, gender based violence, persons with disabilities, youth engagement, resettlement plans, enhanced stakeholder consultations and free and prior informed consent (FPIC).
  • Review projects, programmes and strategies in order to strengthen their contribution to countries’ development objectives, including those identified under multilateral and regional climate change and environment conventions in APR, NEN and LAC.
  • Ensure high quality SECAPs though robust and comprehensive assessments, development of management plans and project activities in LAC, NEN and APR.  The expert will both lead and provide support to others in achieving quality SECAPs.
  • Identify consultants for inclusion in the SECAP roster of consultants with expertise in the social themes to meet the needs of the five regional portfolios;
  • Draft and revise Terms of References for consultants for the preparation, capacity building and implementation of SECAPs;
  • Provide technical backstopping and troubleshooting in high risk projects and countries with particular risks related to social standards of the SECAP;
  • Participate in project delivery teams, in particular where there are substantial and high levels of risks related to the SECAP, with particular risks related to social standards of the SECAP.
  • Work with regional teams to strengthen the social assessment and integration into project and strategy level project structures including activities, theories or change and management and implementation plans;
  • Provide technical inputs to the design, start-up and implementation of climate and environment projects supported through Supplementary funds (eg. concept notes, project design documents, preparation of TORs, data collection and analysis, review of consultant’s work), in particular for stakeholder engagement and gender action plans.

2. Knowledge Management

The Technical Specialist enhances the development of viable and sustainable policy and project development at the country-level and supports regional thematic input through seasoned technical knowledge sharing for his/her area of specialization. S/He will ensure country-level access to the latest sources of knowledge and innovation, strengthen national technical capacity and establish new knowledge and advisory partnerships. Accountabilities may include:

  • Support ECG’s efforts to develop and implement the SECAP through adequate training and knowledge building on a continuous basis, with a special focus on social issues.
  • Identify and implement trainings for IFAD staff, consultants, project delivery teams and partner institutions as required.
  • Produce knowledge products to further develop IFAD’s technical tools and to communicate lessons learned and results from the portfolio of projects.
  • Participate in GEF working groups on gender;
  • Keep abreast and produce guidance materials to colleagues on changes to policies and strategies of the supplementary climate and environment funds related to stakeholder engagement, gender, youth, and indigenous peoples.

3. Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization

The Technical Specialist establishes and maintains a network of peer contacts inside and outside IFAD to keep up-to-date on activities at the country and regional levels, to support joint advocacy and for knowledge sharing to enhance the Fund’s profile as a highly competent and viable partner in development. Accountabilities may include:

  • Represent IFAD in relevant regional, sub-regional and international events to showcase IFAD’s innovations and results.
  • Expand innovative partnerships with development partners to facilitate coherence with IFAD social inclusion agenda.
  • Play an active role in resource mobilization efforts related to ECG themes.
  • Contribute to responding to member requests for information.

4. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

The Technical Specialist contributes to capturing results from projects in APR, NEN and LAC in order to enhance country level programme and funding decisions based on accurate technical data. Accountabilities may include:

  • Monitor the quality of SECAP implementation projects, programmes and strategies.
  • Monitor and identify means to address poor implementation of SECAPs by project teams.
  • Provide support to reporting to IFAD’s Board on the quality of SECAP implementation ratings.
  • Provide input to IFAD policies and strategies to ensure accreditation requirements are maintained;
  • Participate in supervision missions to provide support to the implementation of environment and social management plans;
  • Assess the quality of project implementation and progress reports to ensure their quality and comprehensiveness;
  • Troubleshoot issues related to project progress and provide recommendations to management on measures to overcome barriers to efficient and quality implementation;
  • Perform any other related duties, as required by the supervisors or division Director.

5. Managerial Functions

The Technical Specialist is accountable for integrity, transparency, and equity in the personal use of assigned IFAD resources, including equipment, supplies and, as applicable, staff supervised.

Minimum recruitment qualifications

Education: Advanced university degree from an accredited institution in the field of specialization, e.g. Agriculture, Rural Development, Natural Resource Management, Environment, Economics, Social Sciences, etc.

Experience: At least 5 years progressively increasing responsibilities in, and demonstrated understanding of development initiatives in the field of specialization. Experience in environment and social impact assessments and management plans. Experience in fieldwork and international policy frameworks related to project and program development for climate change and environment financing is an asset.

Language requirements: Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and French. Working knowledge of another official language (Arabic or Spanish) is desirable.

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