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Administrative and Financial Assistant (PNA)

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Application closing date: 21 June 2019



Benin is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world with the adverse effects of climate change (155 out of 181 countries) in 2018. Climate scenarios predict an increase in temperatures from 2.6 ° C to 3.27 ° C. 2100. The main climate risks facing the country are: drought, floods, late and severe rains, strong winds and sea level rise. Changes in rainfall patterns will exacerbate droughts and droughts. floods in the country.

Adaptation to climate change is a priority of the Government and efforts are being made in this direction. However, several barriers block its sufficient consideration in documents and policies. These include the insufficiency or lack of quality of economic analyzes and in-depth risk and vulnerability assessments in the key socio-economic sectors of the Government’s Program of Action, the limitations of the coordination mechanisms for actions against the adverse effects of climate change that do not facilitate the integration and monitoring of Climate Change Adaptation,

Faced with this situation, Benin looked for mechanisms that could accompany it in the development of its National Adaptation Plan for the adverse effects of climate change. Thus, following the decision GCF / B.13 / 05 of 17 June 2016 of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to finance the processes of National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), Benin seized this opportunity to introduce its request. from this institution. A favorable opinion has been given and the Government has designated the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to support the process. It is therefore an initiative of the Government of Benin supported by UNDP that aims to facilitate the integration of adaptation to climate change.

in budgets and planning processes; and increase access to domestic and external finance for climate change adaptation. This overall goal will be achieved through three outcomes: (i) The economic impacts of climate change are assessed and adaptation options are prioritized for effective budgeting and planning., (Ii) Integration of adaptation to climate change in budgeting processes is facilitated and, (iii) the National Environment and Climate Fund (FNEC) is strengthened to attract public and private funds for effective adaptation planning to climate change.

It is to achieve these different products that the project National Adaptation Plan (NAP) in Benin was formulated by the Government of Benin, and received funding from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the United Nations Program. for Development (UNDP) for its implementation. It will build on the achievements of the PANA Energy, PMSD, Biomass Electricity, PANA Agriculture and other projects. and work in synergy with ongoing initiatives at the GIZ-supported NAPAP to avoid duplication and optimize the use of available resources. It will be implemented according to a direct implementation approach by UNDP with a flexibility mechanism that will facilitate the conduct of project activities in asserting national leadership and ownership of results. So,

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of key functions

  1. Design and implementation of financial tracking system.
  2. Execution.
  3. Coordination of audit activities and monitoring of the implementation of corrective measures.

Design and implementation of financial tracking system

  • Establish and maintain project files and accounting systems, while ensuring their compatibility with the financial accounting procedures of the Ministry of the Living Environment and Sustainable Development and UNDP.
  • Prepare project budgets and budget revisions and assist in the preparation of the annual work plan.
  • Process payment requests for settlement, including quarterly advances to implementing partners following a joint review.
  • Update financial plans, prepare progress reports, progress reports and other financial reports.
  • Organize closing formalities, including submission of final reports, transfer and disposal of materials, processing of semi-final revisions, and supporting professional staff in the preparation of final evaluation reports.
  • Support the timely release of contracts and the assurance of other eligible entitlements for project staff, experts and consultants in preparing annual recruitment plans.
  • Collect and maintain project-related information and establish document control procedures.
  • Organize the meetings of the Technical Committee of the Project and the Joint Committee
  • Administer control over the revision of the Project.
  • Compile, copy and distribute all Project reports.
  • Provide support in using the Atlas for monitoring and reporting.


  • updating and application of the administrative and financial management procedures.
  • development of various contracts at the project level and monitoring them;
  • staff chart (leave, missions, absences) and preparation of time sheets for the position.
  • supervision and assurance of the management of Project support staff in accordance with the rules and procedures in force.
  • carrying out the activities inherent in the preparation and the holding of the Project Steering Committee and the Joint Committee. execution of transactions with banks.
  • supply and management of office equipment and property and keep the record.
  • contribution to the preparation and organization of tenders.
  • Execution and follow-up in the maintenance and preparation of Project vehicles and keep the record of repairs.
  • establishment of purchase orders and preparation of payments from suppliers and service providers.
  • record keeping of the fuel.
  • organization of the meetings of the various procurement committees and project procurement, participate in them, prepare and submit the necessary approvals for the various reports and other administrative documents required.
  • monitoring of Project purchases and supplies.
  • participation in the organization of missions, workshops / seminars, etc.
  • provide support to international consultants as appropriate.
  • regular maintenance of accounting documents.
  • participation in the preparation and implementation of the annual program activity budget.
  • production of financial statements and budget monitoring as planned.
  • assistance to the National Coordinator in establishing annual, quarterly and monthly forecasts.
  • preparation of the financial reports required by UNDP, and the Government to ensure their timely submission in accordance with the provisions of the Project document.
  • Assist in the preparation of the budget revisions of the project according to the directives in force.
  • performing any other tasks consistent with his profile and requested by the National Project Coordinator directly related to the NAP.

Coordinating audit activities and monitoring the implementation of corrective actions

  • preparation and monitoring of the smooth running of the audits of the Project.
  • Coordinate and facilitate with members of the Project Management Unit (PMU) the preparation of audits and audits.
  • Strengthen transparency and accountability.
  • Preparation of the managerial answer.
  • Follow-up and reporting on the implementation of the managerial response.

Required Skills and Experience


Have a diploma (BAC + 3) in accounting and management, or equivalent


  • Have at least 4 years of professional experience in accounting and management.
  • Have a good editorial capacity.
  • have a good knowledge of the usual software (word, excel, PowerPoint) and a good knowledge of accounting and management software and provide proof.
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