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Chief Technical Advisor (Elections) – Bangui

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After the break-up of the constitutional order in March 2013 by the rebel ex-Seleka coalition and the subsequent transition period, the organization of pluralist elections emerged as the consensual solution for an exit from crisis. This imperative has been supported politically, technically and financially by national actors through the various transitional institutions as well as by regional and international actors.

The organization of the 2015/2016 general elections allowed the return to constitutional order marked by the establishment of the various institutions provided for by the Constitution of March 2016, with the exception of the Senate whose establishment depends on elections localities that have not been organized.

The next elections in 2020/2021 will be decisive for the strengthening of democracy, political stability through the consolidation of constitutional institutions and will be a step forward in the culture of democratic political change. Following negotiations in Khartoum in Sudan between the Central African government and 14 armed groups, the holding of elections has become a sine qua non for the post-crisis and the democratic consolidation, according to the article. 20 of the Political Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in the Central African Republic which states that “the Parties also agree that the holding of free, fair, inclusive elections transparent and credible is the only way to ensure political change and to contribute to the consolidation of democracy in the Central African Republic. They therefore undertake to support the organization of elections at the presidential, legislative, regional and municipal levels in a peaceful atmosphere. ”

The inclusive nature of elections will be essential to ensure cohesion by encouraging the participation of minority, vulnerable or socio-specific groups, such as youth, women, people with disabilities, and their representation in decision.

It should also be stressed that the commitment of the Government and the National Assembly to accelerate the adoption of the legislative texts relating to the elections (Electoral Code, organic law of the NSA law on decentralization) will contribute to the establishment of a climate of trust between political actors, favorable to the organization of elections in a peaceful environment.

From a security point of view, the CAR faces a highly volatile context despite some progress in restoring state authority, as well as the presence of MINUSCA and other international partners.

The limited capabilities and resources of the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) and the Gendarmerie and Police Internal Security Forces (ISF) do not allow them to exercise their authority to control the national territory. In this context, the restoration of security as well as the authority of the State will be essential for the conduct of peaceful and inclusive elections.

The CAR Government has thus taken stock of the importance of the forthcoming elections in consolidating peace and strengthening constitutional institutions. The referral to the United Nations in June 2018 for assistance in the organization of the forthcoming elections reflects a political will and a commitment to the organization of the forthcoming elections within the constitutional deadlines. In response, NAM recommended support for the electoral process through an integrated United Nations Electoral Assistance.

The recruitment of the CTP is part of this support for the implementation of the electoral assistance project.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct authority and supervision of the Resident Representative of UNDP in CAR, and in close collaboration with MINUSCA and in accordance with the United Nations Policy on Electoral Assistance and the requirements of the United Nations Security Council, the UNDP PTC will be responsible for implementing and administering the electoral assistance project in CAR. 13


  • Effectively ensure the administrative and technical management of the electoral assistance project for the 2020-2021 elections;
  • Manage, supervise and coordinate, technically and administratively, project staff, including experts, consultants and local staff;
  • Support the planning and coordination of partner support to NSA and other actors and advise administrations in this regard;
  • Report to the members of the Steering Committee (CP) the status and monitoring of the basket fund and provide the secretariat of the said Committee;
  • Provide the Steering Committee with information for strategic planning and decision-making, written progress reports and financial reports at CP meetings for adoption;
  • Prepare, hold and animate, in collaboration with the President of the NSA, the meetings of the Technical Committee (TC);
  • Contribute to the provision of technical assistance to the electoral process, in close coordination with MINUSCA, within the framework of the United Nations Integrated Electoral Assistance.


  • Prepare bi-monthly activity reports indicating the status of implementation of the activities in relation to the results defined in the project, mentioning the possible constraints to be raised, annual reports on the activities of the Project, quarterly detailed financial statements, for the attention of UNDP and CP;
  • Hold the secretariat of the periodic information and consultation sessions of UNDP and NSA with development partners;
  • Communicate regularly with MINUSCA on the status of resource mobilization, procurement and procurement, deployment of equipment and implementation of projects and related challenges, to facilitate the information of the Security Council the United Nations and the Secretary-General by his Special Representative, who is the primary responsibility for electoral assistance in the context of the deployment of United Nations missions;
  • Ensure the sharing of information with stakeholders in the electoral process;
  • Prepare and assist project evaluation missions;
  • Supervise the work of preparing the project audit.

Technical assistance in electoral matters

  • Advise ANE and other national institutions involved in elections on the planning, organization and conduct of the electoral process;
  • Advise the national authorities on the organization of the polls (census of voters, scheduling of electoral operations, voting procedures, counting of ballots, compilation of results, management of electoral disputes, etc.) and, on the basis of experience gained , make recommendations on reforms and adjustments likely to improve the conduct of electoral operations.

Mobilization of resources and other tasks

  • Contribute to the mobilization of resources from partners and donors under the general direction of the RR and in close coordination with MINUSCA;
  • Perform any other duties relevant to the elections, at the request of the Resident Representative or his deputies.

Required Skills and Experience


A university degree (Master’s or equivalent) in political science, international relations, law, social sciences, public administration, public management or equivalent field.


  • A minimum of 10 years of specific professional experience in the field of electoral systems, administration and management of electoral processes.
  • Proven experience in providing technical advice to stakeholders in electoral processes, including election management bodies and development partners.
  • Proven experience in the planning, implementation and supervision of electoral assistance projects financed by international organizations.
  • Proven experience in project management and human resources management.
  • Specific experience in coordinating TFP, Government-TFP relations and managing a multi-donor pool.
  • Knowledge of financial rules and regulations of UNDP, and / or other development partners.
  • Professional experience in transitional or emerging democracies. Previous experience at the same level of position is an asset.
  • Relevant prior experience with UNDP in the management of sensitive projects, and / or in support of the electoral cycle is an asset.


Mastery of French, both oral and written. A very good level of English is also required.

Application closing date: 19 July 2019

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