Local Consultants: Supply Chain Consultant for Nutrition

Manila, Philippines
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International Public Sector
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Local Consultants: Supply Chain Consultant for Nutrition

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Local Consultants: Supply Chain Consultant for Nutrition

How can you make a difference

The consultant will be responsible for technical support to the DOH, and will accomplish the following specific tasks:

    1. Develop and disseminate guidelines on quantification, quality assurance specifications and monitoring system for nutrition commodities (e.g. RUTF, F75, F100, ReSoMal, MNPs, IFA, MMS and others).
    2. In consultation with DOH establish and implement an approach/method of Forecasting Commodity Supply, factoring in case load and beneficiaries at the LGU and facility level.
    3. Planning and forecasting of nutrition supplies prior to initiating procurement.
    4. Conduct annual end-year stock taking exercises to help keep an inventory of outstanding commodities from previous year prior to initiating new procurement requests.
    5. Establishment of a simple and easy to use supply inventory monitoring and tracking system for nutrition commodities.
    6. Track procurement status of nutrition commodities
    7. Track, the shipment of nutrition supplies, to field level and maintain a nutrition stock report to give an overview of all the country stock status of Nutrition supplies. Support districts for proper handling and monitoring the expiry status of supplies in warehouses.
    8. Conduct training and capacity building of supply officers/managers, national, regional and LGU staff in handling, distribution, warehousing of nutrition supplies.
    9. Coordinate with Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines (FDA) and Bureau of Customs (BOC) regarding registration and release of supplies procured or donated by UNICEF.
    10. Coordinate with the Pharmaceutical Management Information System focal person of the Pharmaceutical Division of the Department of Health for tracking the availability and utilization of DOH drugs and medicines and nutrition commodities at the local health facilities
    11. Support supply chain operations of nutrition commodities to ensure compliance with the established supply chain guidelines, strategies, policies, procedures and controls, and assist in the implementation of corporate standards, with special emphasis on quality control, loss prevention, risk mitigation and cost effectiveness.
    12. Support partners in the development of the distribution list of nutrition supplies based on joint field assessment.
    13. Collect information on utilization of nutrition commodities from different warehouses of DOH and maintain monthly utilization report.
    14. Promote the utilization of good information management and data analysis tools at national and sub-national level, including RUTF pipeline monitoring.
    15. As and when required, travel to field districts to monitor supply status and prepare a status report and submit to nutrition and supply section of UNICEF and DOH.

Given the restricted movement and internal resource adjustments necessitated by the COVID19 pandemic, the consultant will conduct on-line or virtual consultations with different stakeholders at the national and subnational levels when necessary to deliver results. With the present GCQ status being implemented in identified hot areas, the consultant is expected to take extra measures in observing proper protocol in dealing with partners at all levels. Remote discussions and meetings with UNICEF staff will also be considered. These approaches, however, may be replaced into a face-to-face meeting and visits once the situation is normalized depending on the area classification as advised by the government.

Qualifications and Competencies of Successful Consultant

University Degree in one or more of the following areas is preferred:

  • Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, Management, or similar field of study. Certified logistics or procurement professional will be added advantage.

Work Experience:

  • A National Candidate with at least Five Years of Professional Experience in Managing Health and Nutrition Supply/Logistics Chains.
  • Have Demonstrated Experience in Working with Government Partners and other Stakeholders in the Public and Private Sectors.
  • Have Shown Vast Knowledge of the Subject Matter and Implementation Planning.
  • Ability to Meet Deadlines and Work with Minimal Day-to-Day Supervision.


  • Fluency in English and local language is desirable.

Critical Competencies:


  • Knowledge of Latest Developments and Technology in Supply Chain Management.
  • Strong Understanding of Supply Chain Processes, from Programme Needs Assessment, through Planning, Category Management, Procurement and Contracting, Logistics and Delivery, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Special Skills:

Knowledge on the MS Office:

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access Other Competencies.

Other Competencies:

  • Ability to Work in Team, Knowledge of the Supply Procurement and Inventory Management in Government System, Documentation and Reporting Skill, Ability to Coach/Mentor Government Staffs to Enhance their Capacity on Logistic Management.
  • Knowledge and Experience in Policy Development and Analysis.
  • National to Local Level Coordination with Experience Working with Government and UN Agencies.

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