National Investment Promotion Country Coordinator – Zambia

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National Investment Promotion Country Coordinator – Zambia

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National Investment Promotion Country Coordinator – Zambia

Main Functions

The general tasks of the National Investment Promotion Country Coordinator will be as follows:

  • coordinate local counterparts and ensure that the roles and responsibilities as defined in existing work programmes, job descriptions, agreements are adhered to in a timely manner and with sufficient focus on output quality;
  • he/she will hold frequent meetings with the implementing partners and project beneficiaries at the country level;
  • he/she will interact frequently with EU Delegation in countries, with other focal points of the micro & macro-level component and ACP country-level focal points;
  • he/she supports the CTA in the planning and organizing of capacity building interventions, workshops and conferences;
  • he/she ensures constant and timely reporting to UNIDO HQs.

The consultant will report to and regularly interact with the Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) of the Programme who oversees the work of the Programme Management Unit (PMU) at UNIDO HQs in Vienna, Austria. On issues of strategic importance, he/she may, under certain circumstances, also report to or work directly with the Lead Project Manager based at UNIDO HQs. He/she also works under the supervision of the UNIDO representative office in the country and is thus expected to seek continuous alignment of his/her work with the pertinent UNIDO work streams at the country level.

The Consultant is expected to become acquainted with the overall project document framework including the project objectives, workstreams, activities and sub-activities, expected outputs and the broader and country-level work plan. He/she is required to send weekly and monthly reports about the performed and ongoing work. Besides, the Consultant is expected to provide inputs when country-level reports must be integrated into overall project wide progress reports.

The specific tasks will include the following:

  • Support the CTA and Lead Project Manager in the overall country planning, reporting and management of the project, including the development of the country work plan and its periodic monitoring to determine the achieved progress;
  • Facilitate all aspects of the project inception and implementation phases, including the collection of information and relevant data about the subject matter, the undertaking of desk research on matters pertaining to investment promotion and investment mobilization activity in the country and undertaking the required direct liaising with investment promotion stakeholders in the country;
  • Where and as applicable, identify and engage with investment promotion institutions (IPIs) in the country, enabling an effective stakeholder mapping and engagement to support the projects investment promotion coordinated actions. In addition, he/she is expected to support the identification of investment opportunities emanating from existing IPIs as well as directly from private domestic enterprises in selected sectors;
  • Support and manage investment promotion capacity building activities in the country including the sensitization of IPIs about said events, fulfilling the required organizational role in event preparation and implementation as well as ensure adequate follow-up linked to the delivery of project related activities. Linked to the follow-up of capacity building, actively support IPIs in their delivery of project service-subcontract commitments and facilitate UNIDO HQ and national counterparts linkages related to the same;
  • Facilitate the work of other Individual Service Agreement (ISA) holders and subcontractors assigned for the activities of the project and provide technical review and inputs to reports thus ensuring the compliance with the needs of beneficiaries;
  • Contribute to the preparation of promotional material (brochures, newsletter, advertisements, press releases, presentations, etc.) as per EUs Visibility and Communication Requirements in order to create awareness, visibility, and publicize project results; prepare/compile background materials or data from different sources (Internet, Intranet or other publications) as required for missions, meetings and preparation of reports of the Programme;
  • Undertake other reporting and ad-hoc assignments, including:
  • Provide inputs to technical reports and assessments undertaken on implemented investment promotion work linked to the project objectives and activities;
  • Support the CTA and the Lead Project Manager in the design and drafting of the country level sections of progress reports and other ad hoc reporting requirements, based on the gathering of relevant data and information pertaining to ongoing and/or upcoming project activities implemented directly by UNIDO or by various project stakeholders;
  • Support the CTA, PMU members and UNIDO HQ in general, in the development of draft documents, presentations, official correspondence and press releases etc. as required during the course of the project implementation. Similarly, support the preparation of ad-hoc programme reports upon request of UNIDO, the Donor, and any other project counterpart;
  • Fulfill any other assignment requested by the CTA or LPM dealing with other project related tasks including those linked to UNIDO Country programmatic frameworks and any other task assigned by the UNIDO Country Representatives in agreement with the Lead Project Manager;
  • Facilitate and support project technical missions to the country undertaken by the Lead Project Manager, the CTA and other UNIDO Experts.

Minimum Requirements

  • Advanced university degree in Economics, Business Management, Political Science, Engineering, International Studies or other relevant discipline, ideally with a specialization in Project Management, or Private Sector Development.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is required.
  • Working knowledge of another official UN language desirable.
Field of Expertise
  • A minimum of 5 years practical experience in the field of Project Management and/or Enterprise Creation and Development.
  • Experience at the international level, involving technical cooperation in developing countries, would be desirable
Closing date for applications 19 December 2019 before midnight.

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