COVID-19 | WFH whilst juggling Kids

April 20 2020 by Paolo Casula

Your survival guide to WFH whilst juggling kids!

So we’re all in some form in Coronavirus lockdown; and apart from a few exceptions it’s likely to go on for quite some time – so working from home aka WFH is the name of the game for the foreseeable future – and when you’ve got kids to look after, now that nurseries and schools are closed, it’s no joke…COVID-19

We thought we’d share a few tips to make these unchartered waters a little more manageable:

1. Create a routine

Aim to wake them up, eat breakfast, maybe do a little physical activity with them as advised by the World Health Authority (WHO) and dressed at the same time they would during school time.  Ensure they know what online school lessons they are to follow and for pre-schoolers, set them some art and crafts tasks

2. Communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE

It’s okay to be transparent with your team and bosses that you are juggling the needs of your kids, so if a childish interjection is audible during a video call, it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

3. Set boundaries with your kids

Over and above communicating with your coworkers, it’s very important to set parameters for your children, particularly if they are of school age, so: COVID-19

You may need to let your kids enjoy more screen time, be it TV or gaming.  It’s important that you explain to them that this is a special time but that it won’t go on forever!

You also need to have access to a private space: when you need to, take over a room with a desk, with a door you can close, for those meetings where you cannot be interrupted!  Make sure your kids understand that a NO ENTRY post it note on the door means just that; but be fair and take that sign down / open the door as soon as your task at hand is over . COVID-19

4. Take breaks

You might want to prove that your are a top multi-tasker but for every hour working, take at least 10mns off – play a game with your kids, have a snack with them, check up on their progress.  Break for lunch, go into the garden, watch some YouTube content, switch off!

5. Alternate shifts with your partner

If you are in a position to alternate shifts with your partner, this could make WFH a lot easier.  It will allow each other to have uninterrupted work time.

If this is not an option, your strict routine and extra planning will be key to maximise your working day!

Check our article on “top tips to work from home” for further advice

Do not beat yourself up: things will inevitably slip; we have never lived through such unknown, uncertain times; so keep calm, carry on, be kind and keep washing your hands.