Covid-19 – Top tips to work from home

April 6 2020 by Paolo Casula

Covid-19 – Top tips to work from home

So you’ve been told to work remotely because of Coronavirus?

Working from home (WFH!) can feel like bliss, or the abyss…

To help you sort the wood from the trees we’re suggesting a few best practices below:

  • Exercise during your would-be commute

Seize the time you would spend getting to the office to do a home workout. Many exercice are available on the internet from a Yoga session to a full Zumba work out!

  • Get dressed

You’d be amazed how easy it is to start working without having showered – swapping your PJs for regular clothes will go a long way to make you feel like a fully functioning adult!

  • Manage family members

If possible, designate an area for work, as opposed to using your kitchen table or bed – delineate your space, discuss the hours you’ll need space and privacy and accept that doors may need to be locked for those important calls

  • Set boundaries

Until WFH was recommended for all, others in ‘conventional jobs’ had a tendency to call or text you at random.  Make sure you tell them “I’ll be working until 6 and can chat then” or “I’ll call you when I break for lunch” – that should do the trick!

  • Make fellow WFH friends

The hardest part of working from home is loneliness – make plans to have ‘virtual’ coffee and/or lunch breaks via phone and video chats with friends with flexible schedules

  • Embrace podcasts

With deafening silence all around you keeping up to date with current affairs as well as lighter content via podcasts will lessen the feeling of loneliness: use headphones or you might even be lucky enough enjoy these via your speakers!

  • Log out of Social Media

Be it Twitter, FB, Instagram, sign out!  Remember you are supposed to be working not checking out the your new confinement nickname…

  • Do not become a Cinderella

Yes, you’ll be more aware of all the chores which need doing – try to have a quick tidy-up in the morning so that the house is not a total mess.  Succumbing to housework is a ‘noble form of distraction and procrastination’!

  • Forego idle snacking

With a constant source of Valentine’s Day chocolates and Mother’s Day treats to hand, you’re at risk at dipping into these throughout your work day: switch to fresh fruit and veg, nuts and lots of water and herbal teas… which segues perfectly into:

  • Plan, schedule and make yourself a decent lunch

Before you start your work day, check what appetising left overs you have in your fridge – jazz them up with a fresh salad, or start with a soup, switch a sugar laden dessert for a yogurt and/or fruit.  And once is a while treat yourself to a minute steak or a plateful of sizzling jumbo prawns…

Best of luck with your WFH regime! And remember to Stay Home!