Help Facebook Contribute To Your Job Search

July 11 2019 by Miguel Pone
Help Facebook Contribute To Your Job Search

Help Facebook Contribute To Your Job Search

There are plenty of ways to address your employment prospects on Facebook. Negatively or positively.

You could show pictures and attitudes that scare off recruiters or hiring manager or you could make it work for you. That means keeping the right information current and public while tidying up those grey areas you don’t wouldn’t a potential employer to see.

Although LinkedIn may be the first association between social networks and recruiting, there is also a growing interest in using Facebook.

Companies could seek people with a particular educational background or a particular combination of experiences that fit their needs. However, such a search does no good to would-be employees who might be a match but don’t have their information on the Facebook platform.

Below I list some simple pointers to help your profile stand out on an ever-growing interface.

Beef up your profile There are a few areas you should be sure to fill out in your Facebook profile.

Location. Let a company know where you currently live. Any search is bound to focus on people near to the company.

Education. Companies often want to know your education history. Clearly, display your schooling history.

Occupation. At the very least, be sure to mention what it is you do for a living. 

Previous Work. List the places you have worked in the past. If there was something noteworthy that you did, highlight it by clicking on Add a Project and fill in the details.

Professional skills. The professional skills category was recently added, as the blog reported. It comes at the end of Work and Education and lets you fill in special skills — for an IT graduate, it may be that you are adept with certain software and plugins.

Less is more – Make the right things public  Be sure to set your name, education, occupation, work, location, and professional skills, be sure that you set the privacy rating to the public so anyone can see it.

Leaving too much of the wrong things public on your profile can cost you opportunities.

Leave everything else private Maybe you’ve led the life of the perfect son or daughter. Chances are that you haven’t. As a precaution, set information that doesn’t have a direct bearing on your career to friends only, this will ensure the information won’t be available to the curious hiring manager.

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