3 Things You Can Do To Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out On The Best Jobs in 2015

November 20 2014 by Editorial - admin

While you can’t visit their stands right now, many of our exhibitors are still looking for talented people right around the planet. And sadly, they won’t manage to fill all those opportunities before 2015 and they will have other roles becoming available before then.Number 3There are 3 things you can do to make you don’t miss out on all these great positions in 2015.

Sign up for the next Global Careers Fair – we’ll make sure you’re kept informed of when things are happening, and prompt you to be ready at the right time. If you don’t sign up now though, you may forget.

2. Start getting your CV ready now –  even if you don’t intend applying for anything right now, start work on gathering information if your CV is a little out of date, get some of it down in a document even if it’s not too presentable at this stage, and then find someone you trust who can review it for you when it’s complete (don’t be shy – they will ALWAYS spot something you missed). You’ll be amazed at how much better and invigorated you feel having done so. You’ll be well positioned to adjust and add to it then as opportunities come up.

3. Stay in touch. Often it’s the background information or your skill at negotiating your way through the mire of the job market that will win you the day and the job! So sign up for our newsletter and Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest. It all helps you to know about the employers, the market and best practice.