Facebook Timeline for Business and Recruitment

March 1 2012 by Editorial - admin

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Timeline

Mark Zuckerberg introducing Facebook Timeline (Credit: Facebook)

Similar to the introduction of Timeline for user profiles last year, businesses have 30 days to preview and amend their Timeline before it automatically goes live on 30 March.

With Timeline, your page has a much more visual appearance, including a large cover image and your activities structured chronologically. The profile photo, likes and other apps such as a map are arranged at the top of page. Also, you will be able to make any post appear larger, and “pin” a new post at the top of your page each week.

The change to Timeline also includes a new feature, turning it into a communication tool by including messaging. Facebook users will now be able to contact a brand and the brand administrators will be able to respond to those messages. Admins will also be able to turn the messaging function off.

Improved analytics also plays its part in the Timeline functions, as a new dashboard will allow administrators to keep track of the activity on their page and view page analytics.

Branding, engagement and monitoring – it seems the Timeline ticks all the boxes. However, some other changes may be less welcome such as the loss of the auto-direct to a customised landing page.

If you are responsible for your organisation’s Facebook presence, now is the time to start exploring the rich new functionality to work out how you can best use it to bring your Employer Brand to life.