Manage your interviews with online scheduling tools

July 22 2011 by Editorial - admin

On our online travels, we come across useful tools and ideas might be of use to our clients and others.  We are always keen both to share these ideas and also to learn more about other resources.  A good example is online scheduling tools.  Many of our clients spend significant amounts of time contacting candidates to schedule interviews and evaluations.  It can be time consuming trying to juggle the availability of internal resources and multiple candidates’ availability – particularly when they are having to travel.  From a candidates’ point of view, the more efficient and easy to manage the process, the greater their perception of the recruitment experience which all supports the employer brand.

Whilst some organisations are using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which include an interview scheduling module, in our experience, many organisations have not implemented such systems or only have access to limited functionality.  However, there are now a growing number of free or low cost online scheduling tools which have the potential to free up time that HR staff currently spend making appointments.  A number of examples are given below.  As you will see, many of them include services which may not necessarily be relevant for large employers.  However, it could be worth having a look at a few providers to help work out what you really need.  Many sites offer trials before implementation.

Let us know if you know of any other tools or have particular experience with using any of the above.  If you would like some help with researching and implementing a more tailored solution to support your candidate journey, we are also here to help!