Choosing the Right Target Cultures, Roles and Organizations is Critical to Your International Job Search and International Career Success

May 21 2014 by Alix Vazeux

"2013_06_130103_1h - the ills of Globalisation" by Gwydion M Williams

“2013_06_130103_1h – the ills of Globalisation” by Gwydion M Williams

As a result of globalization and increased opportunities due to the need for specific skill sets overseas, more and more people are looking to work abroad. But before deciding to embark on an international job search, it’s important to understand why you are interested in working abroad so that you can create a path and choose targets that will move you in the right direction. Questions to ask yourself: Do I want international experience to advance my career, experience a different lifestyle, or both? Am I interested in a short-term or single overseas… Read more