Local Consultant for Product Development, Promotion, Marketing and Networking – Home-based and Podgorica

Objective of the assignment:

The Consultant is supposed to provide support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to build profitable businesses that address climate change mitigation and adaptation needs. Focus of the assignment will be on development and delivery of Green Business incubator mentoring program.

Job content:

Consultant will be engaged under Individual Contract and will work under supervision of Project Manager.

Overall, the   incumbent   will   create   and   implement   strategies   to establish   and successfully grow the business incubation program, aimed at supporting growth  of entrepreneurs  (individuals  and  organisations). In close coordination  with  UNDP team,  the  Incubation  Specialist  will  be  responsible  for developing a comprehensive program of business incubation services to be offered to the   supported entrepreneurs. These  services should  include, but  are  not  limited to  technical  and  professional entrepreneurial  development programmes, including needs assessment  of  each  entrepreneur,  business mentoring  and  coaching,  personal development, networking and connecting, business advisory, access to markets/trade, customized   technical   assistance,   access   to   facilities,   investment   readiness, and marketing, etc.

Topics to be covered by the exercises:

  • Product Development,
  • Promotion, Marketing
  • Networking

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Assess the capacity and needs of existing and prospective entrepreneur;
  • Develop the detailed mentorship program and work  with prospective entrepreneurs to make the incubated venture successful.

The program will be divided in two components:

1. Mentoring Support Programme for basic users consisting of:

  • Basic entrepreneurship training (relevant information for the topics of the ToR);
  • Mentoring activities (proposed set of activities for users engagement and information    exchange);
  • Other support activities (any additional activity neded to address identified needs of existing and prospective entrepreneurs).

2. Mentoring support programme for advanced users:

From the pool of existing and prospective entrepreneurs select candidates for:

  • Mentoring activities
  • Specific expertise support (Based on collaboration between mentors and start-ups, certain specific business support needs can be identified as individual sensitive areas that require special attention and temporary involvement of different external experts which perform individual expertise services for a start-up – this is not a know-how transfer process, but just a plain service provision to resolve specific tasks (e.g. introduction of specific ICT solutions, preparation of technical documentation, website development, preparation of specific legal baselines like GDPR adjustments, etc.).
  • Other support activities (Some of activities could focus on networking with successful entrepreneurs, peer-to-peer networking).

Mentoring support programme for advanced users should support advanced users and stimulate them to create new/further develop existing young innovative companies, thus contributing to the creation of new high-skilled jobs and raising of employment rate in the targeted area. SDG considerations should be mainstreaming in the mentoring program as much as possible and relevant experience of SDG accelerator should be further explored, and its experience shared, and if possible, replicated in the context of Montenegro.

Expected results/ Deliverables:

  • Mentoring activities delivered as direct support;
  • Program is focused on Green Jobs support;
  • Progress of participants’ development is observed through regular weekly monitoring and hands-on work, which is a basis for steering of their development path according to their individually set goals, competences and specific needs;
  • Transfer of relevant know-how and entrepreneurial skills from experienced experts to the users, and thus teaching them how to achieve the most efficient performance of their business activities on their own in the future;
  • Minimum 2 thematic entrepreneurial workshops per month on topics related to current trends implemented in Cetinje;
  • Minimum 1 thematic entrepreneurial workshops per month on topics related to current trends implemented in Niksic;
  • Minimum 1 thematic entrepreneurial workshops per month on topics related to current trends implemented in Kolasin;
  • Minimum 10 entities (private or legal supported with individual programs)
  • Minimum 10 female entrepreneurs supported

Time duration: The Consultant will be engaged during the period from  5 August 2019 until – 30 September 2020  (100 consultancy days) and will be paid in lump sum upon the completed tasks set by the ToR for this position. Only local travel (Niksic, Kolasin, Cetinje and Podgorica) is envisaged.

Application closing date: 28 July 2019