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    The United Nations Development Programme is the United Nations’ global development network. Headquartered in New York City, UNDP advocates for change and connects countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life.

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    UNDP Resident Representative

    Location: Multiple locations

    Application Deadline: Ongoing

    Type of Contract: FTA International

    Post Level: D-1

    Languages Required: English


    Please note that while this assessment announcement is listed at the D1-level, the level of individual UNDP Resident Representative positions once advertised will be as classified at the D-2, D-1 or P-5 levels [the level of the post depends on many factors including working complexity (political and development variables), programme resources, size/type of the Country Office and other factors].

    The UNDP Resident Representative (RR) is the accredited senior UNDP official in the programme country who represents, leads, and is accountable for, harnessing and directing the full potential of UNDP’s global capabilities, and those of its associated funds and programmes, in support of national development strategies and collaborative partnerships.

    The RR positions UNDP as a strategic partner for sustainable development, with the capabilities to partner at scale and deliver world-class knowledge and technical expertise. The RR assumes overall responsibility for the programmatic, operational, partnership, advocacy and communication activities of UNDP. The RR is responsible for ensuring that the UNDP programme and services are consistent with the national development priorities of the host country government, and supportive of the UN’s development efforts in the country. The RR ensures consistency with the UNDP Strategic Plan and with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The RR exercises accountability for UNDP’s policy, programme, partnerships and operational services, and the overall activities of UNDP.

    The RR is accredited by letter of the UNDP Administrator to the Head of State or Government. The RR reports to the UNDP Administrator through the Director of the respective Regional Bureau. S/he leads and supervises the UNDP Country Office (CO) senior management team and represents UNDP with Government agencies, in the UN Country Team, with all UN entities, donors and all other partners.

    According to GA resolution A/RES/72/279, United Nations country team members are accountable and report to their respective entities on individual mandates, and periodically report to the Resident Coordinator on their individual activities and on their respective contributions to the collective results of the United Nations development system towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda at the country level, on the basis of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    The RR provides both the managerial and substantive leadership for sustainable development. S/he provides the vision and strategic direction to translate the UNDP Strategic Plan in the national context through a country programme aligned with the UNDAF. The RR provides guidance to the senior management team for the implementation of UNDP’s programme and operational activities.  The RR builds a coordinated and effective team of professionals and managers, and promotes a work environment in the UNDP Country Office that is conducive to innovation and engagement with a diverse set of stakeholders, and delivering results in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    As a senior International Civil Servant and sustainable development professional, the RR exemplifies the United Nations Standards of Conduct and as a manager promotes teamwork, inclusion, and the empowerment of staff and of counterparts. All managerial/leadership functions are performed in line with the established UN and UNDP management norms, rules and regulations, and in conformity with UNDP’s internal accountability framework for senior managers which emphasizes, inter alia, the highest standards of ethics, integrity and accountability in the personal and professional domains.

    The RR ensures that the talents of the CO are aligned with corporate UNDP human resources development and talent management strategies, including gender balance, and the leveraging of the entire workforce. The RR empowers people with information and resources to deliver results, nurtures and develops people, and models behaviors and attitudes that promote an environment of trust, inclusivity, mutual respect and accountability. The RR helps foster workforce engagement.

    The RR is responsible for ensuring that programme results are matched with resources.  Engaging with the government and broader UN and international community, the RR mobilizes resources and leverages financing and investment for the country programme and ensures a sound and credible financial footing for the country office.  In this context, and in the pursuit of the partnerships that are necessary to realize the potential of UNDP’s integration role across the SDGs, the RR ensures a client- and service-oriented approach to stakeholders, seeking both inclusivity in its partnerships, and transparency in its operations.

    Further details follow.

    Formulation and articulation of the vision and strategies for UNDP’s engagement at country level

    • Articulates and actively communicates a credible and convincing strategic vision for the UNDP CO which is consistent with national development goals and priorities, UN values, the UNDP Strategic Plan, the UN Development Assistance Framework, aligned with the 2030 Agenda and committed to the principles of universality, equality and leaving no one behind.  In so doing, the RR positions UNDP as a key provider of integrated services and as a platform in support of a coherent UN system approach to the SDGs. S/he ensures that UNDP delivers on its commitment to help countries achieve sustainable development by eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, accelerating structural transformations for sustainable development and building resilience to crises and shocks. S/he sets the tone and content for consultations with a broad range of stakeholders (government, civil society, the private sector, academia, development partners, and others).
    • Asserts vision and accountability for UNDP to operate as a nimble, innovative and enterprising development partner demonstrating characteristics of a thought leader capable of taking and managing risks;
    • Continuously assesses the political and socio-economic situation and trends in the country to ensure that UNDP’s policy support, programmes, and services are relevant and responsive to emerging priorities and needs.
    • Leads UNDP in the strategic design and application of UNDP’s policy and programmatic offer, signature services, operational capabilities, and partnership mechanisms, which are aligned to the national priorities and UNDAF outcome areas; determines the strategic focus and allocation of resources in consultation with the Government, international development partners and other constituents.
    • Leads on UNDP’s key deliverables and associated outreach and external engagement through a country-level integrated support platform that provides for analytical work, design of integrated policy packages, strategic advice on investment choices for developmental resources, partnership building, engagement of diverse stakeholders, and external communication. In so doing, the RR projects an open and accessible UNDP in support of sustainable development.
    • Leads the contribution of UNDP to UN coherence and ensures close working across the humanitarian, development and peace domains as maybe required in the country context. S/he ensures this is reflected in the UNDP country programme as appropriate, and that relevant development approaches are included in crisis prevention and recovery initiatives of the UN in the country.
    • Articulates the integrated nature of the solutions required for poverty eradication, the importance of gender equality, the acceleration of structural transformations for sustainable development, and resilience to crises and shocks in critical dialogues with partners and stakeholders.
    • Leads the identification of innovative approaches and modalities of the UNDP programme to achieve development targets including through modalities such as country-level integrated support platforms (as appropriate), which facilitate partnership building, engagement of diverse stakeholders, financing solutions, and external communication.

    Represents UNDP, and leads partnership building and resource mobilization for UNDP

    • Represents UNDP in international and national fora and in the UN Country Team (UNCT). S/he represents UNDP in its engagement with the host government, and with other national and international stakeholders engaged in national development.
    • Leads UNDP’s approach to building and deepening partnerships, engaging diverse stakeholders, and external communication to ensure that UNDP’s value-added and results are visible externally.
    • Assumes responsibility for designing and driving the partnerships, resource mobilization, marketing and external communications strategy at country level, and for directly engaging local development partners, resulting in concrete contributions to results and enhanced financing for the SDGs in the host country;
    • Anchors advocacy activities, information-sharing, and political relationship management with the aim of keeping the public well informed of UNDP activities, while fostering strategic partnerships with the local Government, private sector, NGOs, community-based organization and the media.
    • Strengthens UNDP’s visibility with potential stakeholders through conventional media as well as digital and social media channels and provides efficient communication to all partners in relation to local programme and project implementation. Acts as spokesperson for UNDP with national and global media.
    • Brokers country-level strategic partnership and/or representation or hosting arrangements with non-resident and specialized agencies.

    Strategic guidance and oversight of the overall management of the CO to ensure efficient and effective programme and operational services and adherence to organizational policies and procedures

    • Oversees the effective design and management of a focused, coherent, cost-effective and high impact portfolio of UNDP services; and creates an effective platform for coordinated delivery and knowledge management.
    • Ensures effective application of corporate performance tools, adherence to the internal control framework, and corporate policies and ensures issuance of appropriate delegation of authorities for office managers and staff.
    • Provides strategic guidance and oversight of locally-administered Human Resources and Financial Resources Management, Procurement, General Administration, etc.
    • Identification of risks and implementation of a risk management strategy.
    • Ensures full compliance to audit requirements and recommendations, engaging in critical dialogue with auditors and external evaluators.

    UNDP provision of operations / common services to UNDP-supported projects, other UNCT Resident and Non-Resident Agencies and the Resident Coordinator Office (RCO)

    • Positions UNDP’s operational capabilities as an integral component of development services for UN and UNDP collaborative efforts. Promotes a culture of continuous improvement and client-orientation in operational service delivery.
    • Provides guidance on the establishment of common services arrangements to/by participating organizations/agencies at the country level. Oversees the effective provision of operational services to resident and non-resident Agencies and the UN Resident Coordinator Office.
    • Ensures that common services and joint arrangements benefit UNDP in its objective to provide efficient and cost-effective support services to the implementation of the country programme.

    Manages the implementation of security arrangements for UNDP staff and premises

    • Ensures safety and security arrangements related to all UNDP personnel, their recognized dependents, assets and programmes in accordance with the Framework for Accountability for the UN Security Management System and other UN and UNDP safety and security policies.
    • Represents UNDP in the Security Management Team (SMT)
    • Ensures full implementation of the decisions of the SMT, including MOSS and MORSS compliance
    • Oversees the creation of an enabling environment for safe programme delivery and business continuity


    Competencies and Selection Criteria

    Description of Competency at Level Required

    (For more comprehensive descriptions please see the competency inventory)

    This section lists the core competencies as well as the most relevant technical/functional competencies the role will require along with the appropriate level.




    Ability to make new and useful ideas work


    Level 8: Champions organizational agility, stakeholder-focused service approaches, and organizational learning throughout UNDP’s institutional engagement


    Ability to persuade others to follow


    Level 8: Typifies the values and integrity of UNDP

    People Management

    Ability to improve performance and satisfaction


    Level 7: Empowers team managers to act independently and takes people management decisions


    Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform


    Level 7: Reconciles contrasting positions and ambiguous circumstances by communicating a clear path for resolution and progress


    Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement


    Level 7: Sets strategic goals and builds the means to achieve optimal service delivery and organizational excellence


    Detailed list of competencies can be accessed through https://intranet.undp.org/unit/ohr/competency-framework/SitePages/Home.aspx

    and hiring managers are encouraged to familiarize themselves for more information


    Level 7: Navigate & Guide: Charts a course for a systems approach to continuous learning, adaptation, and excellence, creating institutional imperatives to realize progress within across the relevant profession

    Building Strategic Partnerships

    Level 7: Navigate & Guide: Charts a course for a systems approach to continuous learning, adaptation, and excellence, creating institutional imperatives to realize progress within across the relevant profession


    Level 8:Role Model & Resolve: Creates an environment to facilitate full institutional potential and governs UNDP’s strategic and political investments in line with organizational values and principles

    Resource Mobilization

    Level 7:Navigate & Guide: Charts a course for a systems approach to continuous learning, adaptation, and excellence, creating institutional imperatives to realize progress within across the relevant profession

    Substantive Positioning of UNDP

    Level 8: Role Model & Resolve: Creates an environment to facilitate full institutional potential and governs UNDP’s strategic and political investments in line with organizational values and principles

    SDGs Champion

    Level 8: Role Model & Resolve: Creates an environment to facilitate full institutional potential and governs UNDP’s strategic and political investments in line with organizational values and principles

    Knowledge Management

    Level 7: Navigate & Guide: Charts a course for a systems approach to continuous learning, adaptation, and excellence, creating institutional imperatives to realize progress within across the relevant profession

    Required Skills and Experience


    Master’s degree in social policy, public policy, politics, economics, development studies or a related area.


    At least 10-15 years (depending on the grade) of substantive experience and results at the international level, in the development of strategies affecting the provision of advisory services, inter-organisation and international cooperation; negotiation of partnerships; and management and leadership of programmes in development-related areas, working with national, regional and international entities.


    Required to pass the UNDP RR assessment.

    Language Requirements:

    Fluency in English and/or French/Spanish with a working knowledge of the other desirable; knowledge of other official UN languages desirable (depending on the region of assignment).