EU Careers - German Nationals Online Event

EU Careers – German Nationals

EU Careers – German Nationals

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Welcome to EU Careers – German Nationals Online Careers Fair – Tuesday 17 October, 2017

Opportunities across EU Agencies, including:

Experts in Media and Digital Communications



During this event, you will be able to connect directly with recruiters from EU Careers (European Personnel Selection Office) about career opportunities from the comfort of your home, office, smartphone or tablet.

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 Key skills required:

  • Are you a German national?
  • Have you completed secondary education?
  • Do you have a minimum of 2 years’ experience?
  • Do you have a good command of at least 2 EU languages?

Why register?

As an attendee, you have the ability to explore employer information and opportunities. Choose an opportunity or recruitment competition you want to learn more about or apply to and then engage in one-on-one text-based conversations directly with a recruiter from EU Careers.

You can share your background, experience, résumé and ask questions. Maximize your time in the event by getting in line to chat with representatives from more than one company at a time.