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Global Careers Outreach+

Search, filter and directly contact relevant candidates.

The Global Careers (GCF) Outreach+ product is designed to help International Organisations acquire the right candidates where:

  • Advertising is not generating sufficient candidate interestGlobal Careers Outreach+ - Talent Search Services for International Organisations
  • Clear organisational policy to source direct applications via application system
  • Lack of diversity in applications requiring supplementary outreach to a particular group
  • The organisation is minimising the use of expensive Recruitment/Search agencies

GCF Outreach+ bridges the gap between advertising and traditional search using digital techniques we have developed with our International Organisations and NGOs worldwide.

Building a real understanding of your needs is the secret to successful proactive sourcing of hard to find candidates. Our discovery interview with your organisation’s hiring team/line managers will quickly help us identify the background and in-depth requirements that will help us refine our search approach and determine how to identify the perfect candidates. A senior consultant with decades of experience will participate in this session to offer real consultancy.

Having agreed in writing exactly who you want to see coming through to application GCF will combine techniques normally associated with headhunting to identify pre-filtered candidates that meet your organisation’s unique requirements.

We charge a minimum fee for these assignments and all candidates (whilst pre-screened) are directed through to your application system and considered alongside the general applicant pool. If you wish to trial our innovative approach, don’t hesitate to get in touch below.

Global Careers Outreach+ (Talent Search for International Organisations)

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