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Deliver online your scheduled events with Global Careers Fair avoiding loss of reputation and revenue.

As Covid-19 continues its rapid expansion around the planet, event organisers are increasingly looking at mass cancellations, with the unavoidable reputation impact and revenue losses.

As audiences find themselves unable to attend events all over the world, virtual events provide today, more than ever, a viable alternative to the catastrophic economic and human consequences of lockdowns as they are rapidly rolled out across the world.

Global Careers events offer a tried and tested environment connecting audiences from all over the world. As you’d find in REAL LIFE events, our VIRTUAL RECRUITMENT FAIRS connect exhibitors and attendees, broadcast presentations as well as provide you with the much-valued private text conversations.


You will be surprised at how quickly our experienced team is able to set up YOUR event, build your booths, train your recruiters and be on call at all times during your event to address any technical or logistical issue that may arise.

Fully branded to your event, your event will be accessible via a standard browser or a mobile device, from the comfort of your home, office or whilst on the move, in full knowledge that you have managed to avoid a complete event write off.

Sadly, the only thing your audience will miss is coffee and croissants!! We will look into this as a feature for our next upgrade…

To find out how we can safeguard your event, reputation and revenue, contact Javier or Fernando on +44 (0)20 3301 4628 or email us at info@globalcareersfair.com

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Global Careers hosts virtual career fairs, powered by an online, user-friendly, feature-rich, mobile platform, facilitating conversations between recruiters and potential hires from the comfort of their home or office.

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