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Global Careers Webinars

A unique way to connect

Today’s technology enables real-time connections with people from anywhere in the world, whenever we want, without the need for travel.

Webinars humanise the recruitment process. They add an extra dimension to traditional recruitment campaigns in a way that words alone cannot achieve. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Webinars can be especially useful for international recruitment campaigns, offering interactivity and connectivity with candidates, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Webinars allow organisations to engage and present their employer brand and their EVP.  The message is delivered via pre-recorded video and chats take place through open-based text. 

With a powerful, simple and easy to use platform, Global Careers Webinars empower you to extend your image, reach and engagement with the right candidates.

Host a webinar

Benefits of Global Careers Webinars for recruitment

  1. Visual & Interactive – an engaging and innovative delivery channel, bringing together candidates and recruiters around a pre-recorded video stream and live Q&As
  2. On-target – speak only to a preselected audience from both our database of 91,000 users combined with profiles from our proprietary Outreach search tool
  3. Simple – Register a free account and log in and you are set to go
  4. Support – before, during and after your event, our Technical Support team makes sure you can focus on speaking with candidates
  5. Available – when the broadcast is over, your video and conversation stream remains available on our platform to continue reaching additional potential candidates.

How does it work?

1. Live interaction

The right candidates gain valuable insight into your organisation, and at the same time, they will engage directly with you. This gives you a unique opportunity to make your case as their future employer as well as assess their potential during the event.

2. Candidate attraction

The team at Global Careers identifies and engages with on target potential candidates, both active and passive job seekers, using a range of digital methodologies tried and tested on global campaigns.

3. Fast and efficient

Set up is a matter of a few days from the moment we have received your video – which can include recruiter videos, corporate films or even a powerpoint presentation.

The package:

  • Hosting and marketing of a live webinar event
  • Proactive candidate outreach
  • Candidate pre-selection by targeted outreach communications and direct invitations
  • Post-event reporting
  • 5 job vacancies on the

Top tips for an effective webinar:

  • Pick a convenient date and time,
  • Select your representatives,
  • Identify your audience,
  • Your pre-recorded presentation should be 30-45 minutes long,
  • Content should be a good mix between the messages you want to communicate, some unique facts, your expertise as well as animations transitions and embedded video clips to create engagement.
  • Remember to allow time for Q&As!

Contact us to discuss your requirements. After an initial brief, we can start the process of pre-selection, set up and marketing of your webinar within a few days.

Contact or +44 20 3301 4628

About Global Careers

Global Careers offers a range of talent attraction products and services to their clients, enabling them to identify and connect with the desired audiences to deliver their recruitment messages efficiently and cost-effectively.

Global Careers delivers an online theme-oriented, recruitment events platform, powered by a user-friendly, feature-rich, mobile compatible environment, facilitating and driving conversations between recruiters and candidates. On average, Global Careers brings over 2,000 on-target registrations to each one of its events, resulting in 500/750 conversations for a standard 4-hour event.

In addition, Global Careers offers recruiters a job-board which is supported by a team specialised in recruitment communications across a broad range of channels.