To login to the Global Careers Fair (after registering) find the email in your inbox with a unique link
We value and protect user data and it will not be shared or sold to third parties. It may however be viewed by exhibitors only in the context of potential employment as this is the primary purpose of this Fair. For more information, please check the site Terms and Conditions. http:globalcareersfair.com/terms
Only the organisers of the Global Careers Fair and Exhibitors can access your CV from the Global Careers Fair platform.
After signing up to attend the Global Careers Fair you will be presented with an online form requesting further information about yourself. As part of this form you will be requested to upload a CV. To upload your resumé click on “browse” which will open a window enabling you to upload a document from your computer. Navigate to where your document is saved and click the “upload” button. Be aware that PDF/Word doc format is preferred.
Please check the Global Careers Fair “Lobby”. Each employers lobby content will state what times they will be manning the booth and available to chat.
Please note that some of the recruiters may only participate in the live event for some of the time during the course of the day due to the fact that they operate in different time zones. We recommend you visit the booths of recruiters in whom you are interested in as soon as possible once the Fair goes live to ascertain their availability.
Using GCF platform enables you and the recruiter to gain some insight into what you and the company are looking for. Online CVs facilitates this chat. Uploading your CV to the platform enhances your chances of recruitment as the employer can save the resume and there is a possibility to be shortlisted or viewed as an exceptional candidate. This method is here only to boost your chances of recruitment
Entrance requirements are set by each exhibitor. Usually, holding a certified degree is the minimum requirement.
We recommend you have a talk with the recruiters in the exhibitor booths to learn about all their opportunities available.
If you log back into your candidate profile and click update resumé you should see the file name of your resumé beside the resumé field box.
Once you are available on the live chat, the recruiters will have access to your resumé and can download this at any time.
The event is an online event so you don’t have to travel to participate in the Fair!
Each recruiter has their own requirements. You therefore need to visit their booths. Generally speaking, you need to have at least a first degree.