How do we attract candidates?

One of our core strengths is the ability to identify and attract candidates from a wide range of fields including very specialised disciplines. After all, we have been working in recruitment communications for more than 20 years.

We use our skills in recruitment communications to run targeted campaigns to attract particular types of profiles on behalf of our clients. Our work starts by taking a detailed brief and we then reach out through our existing database and different attraction media including social media advertising and engagement and outreach across different platforms to ensure that our clients meet and engage the right candidates for them.

Our events to date have attracted an incredibly diverse pool of candidates including highly qualified candidates rom over 180 countries, with an equal gender balance and broad range of skills and experience.

Case study:

Brief: To target candidates who had an advanced university degree and a PhD. Candidates must have studied Health Science and have 3-10 years of work experience in NGO & Non-profit organisations, Health and Medicine.

We delivered: 54% of candidates had an advanced university degree and PhD, with 64% studying Health Sciences. 85% of candidates who visited the booth currently worked in Health and Medicine, or in an NGO or Non-profit organisation. 48% of candidates had 3-10 years of experience with a further 26% with 10+ years.