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DevTech was founded by Jorge Sanguinetty, Ph.D. in 1984, and has consistently been an innovative, solutions-oriented firm.

DevTech initially responded to development issues in Latin America and the Caribbean, and later expanded its geographic scope to implement long- and short-term projects in all regions of the world. DevTech’s client base includes government agencies, multilateral development institutions, and private-sector entities.

DevTech’s technical capabilities complement its ability to operate and manage over a wide spectrum of cultural and political conditions, from the highest echelons of government to the operational level in the field. DevTech uses its strong methodological capabilities in project design, implementation, performance monitoring, and evaluation to support clients to build sustainable and lasting solutions to development challenges.

DevTech’s headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area are convenient to government agencies and international development organizations and are well-situated for staging international teams and hosting visiting government officials and others who travel to the United States.

DevTech’s office in Miami, Florida houses the firm’s senior leadership and administrative staff. In addition to these U.S. offices, DevTech maintains several overseas offices to support specific projects. The overseas staff are fully supported by the U.S. headquarters and administrative offices.

Examples of DevTech Systems’ Pioneering Work:

  • Institutional reform for market economies
  • Economics of justice administration and legal systems
  • Applied microeconomics in the health sector
  • Transition economics
  • Public education in support of economic reform
  • Political economy of the education sector
  • Economic analysis of catastrophes

Mentor/Protégé Relationship with Duca Consulting International

In 2005, DevTech formed a Mentor/Protégé relationship, as authorized by the Small Business Administration, with Duca Consulting International. This Mentor/Protégé relationship is among the first dedicated to serving USAID.

As a Mentor, DevTech will put its corporate experience and resources strongly behind Duca Consulting to help the company grow and realize its potential as a new and expanding firm. As a Protégé, Duca Consulting, an 8(a) and small disadvantaged business, will bring to the partnership in-depth specialization in trade and competitiveness and in the analysis of policy and regulatory environments for local business formation, international commerce, and foreign direct investment. Both firms enjoy sound reputations in the development of performance monitoring systems and in program evaluation across economic growth and education sectors.

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