European Central Bank (ECB)

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The European Central Bank (ECB) is the central bank for Europe’s single currency, the euro. The ECB’s main task is to maintain the euro’s purchasing power and price stability in the euro area. The euro area comprises the 19 European Union countries that have introduced the euro since 1999.

Working for the ECB means that you will actively foster and support the safety and soundness of Europe’s economy. Together with the central banks of the countries in the euro area, you will contribute to decisions that affect the lives of the more than 330 million people. Working for the ECB ultimately means working for Europe.

We seek high-calibre candidates who possess the highest levels of integrity and a wide range of skills. We employ professionals of all ages, backgrounds and disciplines with expertise not only in economics and statistics, but also HR specialists, finance experts, legal counsels, linguists, IT professionals, support staff and others.

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Frankfurt, Germany
International Public Sector
The European system of banking supervision – the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) – comprises the ECB and the national competent authorities (NCAs) of participating countries. Its main aims are to ensure the safety and soundness of the European banking system, increase financial integration and stability, and ensure consistent supervision.