International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

IDRC funds research in developing countries to create lasting change on a large scale.

To make knowledge a tool for addressing pressing challenges they:

  • provide developing-country researchers financial resources, advice, and training to help them find solutions to local problems.
  • encourage knowledge sharing with policymakers, researchers, and communities around the world.
  • foster new talent by offering fellowships and awards.
  • strive to get new knowledge into the hands of those who can use it.

In doing so, they contribute to Canada’s foreign policy, complementing the work of Global Affairs Canada, and other government departments and agencies.

Their regional offices work closely with the communities they serve — throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Canada. Locally, they keep their ear to the ground and nurture relationships that facilitate solutions for the most pressing development issues.

By bringing together the right global partners, they multiply impact for increased numbers of people throughout the developing world. Their collaboration with local research institutions and funding partners not only advances global security and prosperity, but ultimately reduces dependence on aid — while building local leadership.

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