myAGRO Jobs

myAgro envisions moving a million small-scale farmers beyond subsistence farming and out of poverty by 2022 by creating a model in West Africa that other distribution networks around the world can integrate into their own program offerings.

We believe the solution is helping farmers invest their own money in their fields and our vendor network + mobile layaway system + technical trainings helps farmers invest in their fields, increase their harvests and take significant steps out of poverty.

We believe that by offering a layaway model that’s convenient, transparent and trustworthy that farmers will not only invest in their fields, but they will also increase their investments each year. The average 2nd year farmer saved an additional 27% and cultivated 12% more land with myAgro. This is how we can incentivize farmers to move beyond subsistence farming to grow for larger regional markets and THAT’s how we’re going to help farmers move out poverty.

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