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The company

Teaching Nomad was founded in March 2011 on the basis of connecting great teachers with great schools in Asia. After moving to Shanghai, their founder, Brett, discovered a need to fill the gap between these two groups. A school’s reputation relies on its teachers and teachers must trust their school as they brave moving to a new country. Neither group wants to be let down, but unfortunately many people were being let down. Teaching Nomad has been designed to be a cut above other recruiters, to provide a trustworthy source of great jobs for teachers as well as a time and cost saving tool for schools.

Teaching Nomad is here to take all the guesswork out of the equation, make everyone’s job a little bit easier and ensure that no one has to go it alone. The Teaching Nomad staff, all of which have experience living and/or teaching abroad  know first-hand the positive impact that exploring the globe has on an individual. They see Teaching Nomad as their way of giving back and helping others to have great experiences teaching overseas!

Teaching Nomad operates from two offices; their Asia headquarters based in Shanghai, China and their North American headquarters in Denver, Colorado. As one of the few companies in their industry with a truly global presence they provide both strong local insight as well as access to recruitment channels only accessible in North America.

Our Mission Statement

Teaching Nomad is built on the foundation that you can have anything you want if you just help enough other people get what they want. Their mission is to:

  • Improve the global teach abroad industry
  • Help others have amazing experiences abroad
  • Provide an outstanding lifestyle for our employees

They will improve the global teach abroad environment by providing teachers with jobs in schools they can trust, believe in and enjoy working at. In turn, they will provide schools with committed, excited teachers that will always maintain the highest standards of learning. In facilitating successful placements they are changing lives by helping others to experience global travel and bridge cross cultural awareness.

They will provide an outstanding lifestyle for their employees by paying top wages, sharing in profits, rewarding productivity and providing a platform for personal and professional growth.






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