The European GNSS Agency (GSA)


The European GNSS Agency, linking space to user needs.

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is the European Union agency whose mission is to ensure that European citizens and companies benefit from European Satellite Navigation Systems (Galileo and EGNOS). To do this, the Agency is responsible for the operations and service provision for both Galileo and EGNOS, ensuring that the EU satellite navigation systems are fit for purpose and continue to meet the needs of those who use them today and tomorrow.

The GSA also handles a range of matters related to the security of European GNSS including operating the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC); securing the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS); developing the PRS user segment; and ensuring the functioning of the Security Accreditation Board of the EU GNSS systems.

The GSA is based in Prague and focuses on specific tasks from specialised centres across Europe.

Help us to support Europe’s economy in

  • Designing and enabling European GNSS services and infrastructure
  • Engaging market stakeholders to develop innovative and effective applications, value-added services and user technology that promote the achievement of full European GNSS adoption;
  • Ensuring that European GNSS services and operations are thoroughly secure, safe and accessible.

Embrace our values

  • Working at the GSA means high professionalism, efficiency, competence, commitment and integrity.
  • Each and every staff member contribute to making the GSA a good place to work with a strong team spirit based on respect.

Be part of an exciting multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary European team

  • More than 20 nationalities are gathered within our Agency
  • Various profiles are part of the Agency, engineers, project managers, security experts and many others
  • We support gender equality
  • We work all around Europe
  • We will support you and your family by offering a range of benefits and services


Why EGNOS and Galileo?

Satellite navigation has made major inroads in many realms of society, impacting in increasingly profound ways on business, public services and consumer behaviour. Along with delivering economic benefits to innovative service providers and related businesses, satellite navigation devices, now integrated within a wide variety of vehicles and transport systems, have changed how we manage the mobility, safety and security of people and goods in fundamental ways.

Galileo and EGNOS are Europe’s Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS), providing improved positioning and timing information with significant positive implications for many European services and users.

Galileo and EGNOS allow users to know their exact position with greater precision than what is offered by other available systems.

The products that people use every day, from the navigation device in your car to a mobile phone, benefit from the increased accuracy that Galileo provides. Check if your devices are Galileo compatible on

Galileo and EGNOS services make Europe’s roads, airports and railways safer and more efficient.

It boosts European innovation, contributing to the creation of many new products and services, creating jobs and allowing Europe to own a greater share of the EUR 175 billion global GNSS market (Source: GSA Market Report Issue V).

By developing a new generation of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Europe is laying the foundations for new high-technology industry development, job creation and economic growth. With the Europe Union in the driving seat, independent and self-sustaining, GALILEO is becoming a key part of the global navigation positioning system of the future.

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