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Outreach lite

Digital talent identification to complement your recruitment communications

What is OUTREACH lite

Complementing your recruitment communications, Global Careers OUTREACH lite harnesses the power of online professional networks to seek and inform your target candidates that you are hiring for their profile. As early as 24 hours after our initial conversation we can start the project with a digital search for matching profiles. We share with potential candidates information about the role and direct them to your careers pages.


The process typically begins within 24 hours of your decision to proceed:

  • We will have a telephone conversation to fully understand your hiring requirements,  following which we will start our work, combining the resources from a variety of online professional networks as well as our proprietary database to compile a  list of potential candidates.
  • We will ensure that candidates meet the requirements of the position as well as specific demographics or targeting objectives.
  • We will make contact individually with the shortlisted candidates and direct them to your online application page. We also ask them to share your vacancy with their own networks.
  • To conclude the assignment we will provide you with a report showing who we’ve connected with, their background and provide you with details of the conversations we’ve had.


  • Improved Reach to great candidates who may not have been looking for a job until we bring your role to their attention
  • Bespoke Baseline Response to complement your advertising which alone is not producing a pipeline of qualified, experienced talent
  • Cost and Time Savings as well as efficiency for your recurring recruitment needs
  • Meeting Hiring Targets can be more easily achieved such as diversity, under-representation, nationalities and volume of the ‘right’ applications
  • Flexible on-call resources  are available in the event the in-house teams are not sufficient to conduct proactive and planned outreach for challenging vacancies

Outreach Lite - Digital Talent Identification

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