How do I get started as a recruiter?

We start by taking a detailed brief of your target candidate profiles and needs. We will then work with you to create a fully customised virtual booth, tailored to meet your recruitment needs. The booth itself includes current job vacancies, company information, testimonials and branding media. We also offer pre-qualifying and post-event analysis services.

We support you every step of the way – providing online platform training prior to the event along with a training support video. We are also available for technical support throughout the event.

  1. On the day of the event, log into your virtual booth and begin speaking with prospective candidates.
  2. Review the participating candidate’s resume and profile so you can identify the most relevant candidate for you.

When a chat is completed, you have the option to rate the candidate from 1 to 5, and capture notes, which you can revisit once the fair is over.