Ayako Nakao (Japan) is a Nuclear Safeguards Inspector for the Department of Safeguards – IAEA

March 8 2017 by Global Careers

Ayako Nakao

“Pursue your interest and be proud of what you have achieved”

Ayako Nakao (Japan) is a Nuclear Safeguards Inspector for the Department of Safeguards.

 Since she was very young, Ayako was interested in studying mathematics and science. Following her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tokyo, she started work for the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. During this time, an assignment as a National Safeguard’s Inspector brought her into close contact with the IAEA.

At the same time as the multicultural work environment is enjoyable, it presents Ayako with the opportunity to continuously seek ideal ways of working with colleagues from different backgrounds with whom she collaborates on a daily basis. She is particularly proud to be a woman in a field still predominantly occupied by men. As a Nuclear Safeguards Inspector for the Agency, Ayako provides the organization with the factual findings for assuring the international community that Member States are fulfilling their safeguards’ obligations. Ultimately, her work greatly contributes to world peace by preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Performing this function for nearly 12 years, Ayako still finds it challenging on occasions.

When she is not in Japan visiting family, Ayako spends her spare time exploring the diverse aspects of living in Vienna. Being in a city with plenty of natural beauty and cultural venues is a privilege that she really appreciates. Aware of the importance of keeping a good balance in life, she is constantly managing her time wisely, so that she is able to combine her family life with a career

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