How important is diversity in your workplace to you?

November 19 2014 by Editorial - admin

10646653_824569250929118_5630378494562442564_nIt appears from research by Glassdoor, an organisation that tries to understand candidate perceptions of employers and allows you to rate them, that diversity is increasingly important to potential employees who are exploring a move to an organisation.

Their research showed that at least 57% of those surveyed thought their boss should be doing more to increase the diversity of their employees. The research has a US bias but perhaps reflects a growing trend across the globe (Glassdoor operates internationally). Read more of the results here.

International non-profits should, by their nature, have the most diverse workforces around. What’s your view?

Has working in an NGO broadened your horizons or narrowed them? Do you feel you are getting the true benefit of different world views on your organisation’s work? Would it make you consider a job change? Has it?!

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