Recently graduated? Speak with recruiters from EU Careers about joining their organization

March 20 2017 by Global Careers

Global Careers for Graduates

Live event: March 30 2017 – 9:00am – 5:00pm (GMT)

Over 1,500 conversations took place between candidates & recruiters at the previous Global Careers Fair.

If you have freshly graduated from university, you will typically apply for what EPSO term Administrator profiles, to become a permanent official.

You can find yourself playing a key role in the EU’s processes with a high degree of responsibility from an early stage in your career.

Checklist box: Do you meet the basics for EPSO’s graduate selection procedures?


  • You are an EU citizen
  • You are fluent in one of the official EU languages and proficient in a second – (for linguist profiles you need 3 EU languages
  • You have or will receive a diploma (at least bachelor degree level) by 31 July

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