See what Julia from EUROPOL has to say about her role as Head of Horizontal Operational Services

March 8 2017 by Global Careers

Name: Julia Viedma

Nationality: Spanish

Role: Head of Horizontal Operational Services

What is your background? What did you do/study before working for your organisation?

A police officer from the Spanish National Police with a background in counterterrorism and Organized Crime and specialised in International Police Cooperation.

What drove you to choose your current position?

Maximise my professional background but also enhance management and leadership skills

What single fact would surprise people the most about you?

Capability to analyse a problem in a comprehensive but quick manner in order to identify solutions as well as my capability to take decisions.

What do you look for in candidates?

Sense of initiative, commitment and openness to learning and to accept new challenges

What first attracted you to this organisation?

Dynamism and development possibilities

What’s the best thing about working for the organisation?

Multicultural environment, diversity of tasks and possibility to build up expertise in different domains

What are your proudest achievements with your organisation?

Just started, I’m bringing some consistency in work assignment and decision making processes

Nicest fact/surprise about your organisation/employer?

General open-mindedness to accept/study new proposals

What advice would you give other women interested in following in your footsteps?

Modern organisations are looking forward gender equality, which doesn’t mean that women will be recruited only because of the fact to be a woman. We must be as competitive and committed as our male counterparts. Your expertise and your experience will be recognised by your employer only if you are able to promote yourself and to believe in your own capabilities. Dare to challenge yourself being confident in your own merits and capabilities.