There are still jobs out there and they’re closer than you think

November 20 2014 by Editorial - admin

8554833126_e5114b119a_qWhile not every economy is booming worldwide there are still a fair few that are doing OK (China, India, Sub-Saharan Africa, Ghana, Brazil, USA, UK to name a few…).

And in the Non-profit sector, there are roles worldwide which are crying out for talented, committed and flexible people. Organizations like the Council of Europe, European Food Information Council and the International Organisation for Migration are all looking for people maybe just like you.

You can see an amazing feed with jobs just like that and more, right now, on this website – just click the link above marked Job Board. You can even sign up to have them sent to you. It couldn’t be easier. From Bank of America to the University of Antwerp, it could be the easiest route to finding a new working life with meaning and excitement. So why not do it now?

What are you waiting for…?