What does it take to work for the ILO? Learn from their Head of the Recruitment Unit…

June 19 2014 by Alix Vazeux

GCF4-ILO-logo-150x150pxIn this second part of his interview, Marc Fillieux, Head of the Recruitment Unit, focuses on the ILO’s expectations when they are looking for candidates. For those who would like to work for the ILO, we recommend you to take a look at Marc’s advice and experience as a recruiter for the ILO.



What do you look for in candidates?

We are primarily looking for top talent with cutting edge proven experience in labour related areas (Economics, Business or Public Administration, Social Sciences, Law, Sociology, Industrial and International Relations) but also management areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, General Administration, Languages. We seek graduates and post-graduates with vision and a commitment to the values of social justice, who are flexible and adaptable and with leadership potential.

Funniest answer to an interview question?

Maybe not a funny question, but an anecdote: a few days after I had joined the recruitment unit, during one of my very first interviews, I started the introduction of a panel with a candidate, presenting the panel, etc and noted that the candidate seemed puzzled by my introduction, and more and more puzzled as I was going on… I then realized that he was in fact the …wrong candidate for this interview! (this person was in fact sitting in our waiting room to take part in another panel…).

Most inspiring remark/answer from a candidate?

For me, it is as important for the ILO to choose the right candidate, as for the candidate to choose to work at the ILO. For the successful candidate, it should not be just another employment opportunity, but for him/her to voluntarily choose to join the International Labour Organization and its constant quest for social justice throughout the world.