What Recruiters Look For In Your CV

March 18 2015 by Editorial - admin

Your CV needs to hook the recruiter within seconds if you’re to stand a good chance of progressing to the next stage.

Below are just a few key points to focus on when it comes down to your CV:

Previous experience: Recruiters will look for information about your last professional experience, as well as your responsibilities and previous job tasks, and how it relates for the position that you are applying for.

Reasons for applying: The reason why you’re moving to a new position is critical for recruiters. It’s important to state whether you’re applying for the position because you’ve decided to progress further in your career, or if you left your previous position due to other circumstances.

Showcase achievements: Recruiters love to see positive results, so if you achieved your target in a particular project, make sure you showcase your achievements on your CV.

Keywords: Keywords on your CV can reveal a lot about your position in the market and if you have the essential skills for the position.

Time spent at previous role:  The length of time spent in each position is also important. Long periods in the same position could show conformism, but shorter periods could show weak commitment with the career or employer.

Gaps: It’s important to justify all the periods that you were not working. It’s better to put a sabbatical period on your CV stating that you participated in volunteering or learning a new language, however it’s imperative that you remain honest in your CV. If you lie, chances are you’ll be found out and removed as a potential candidate for the position.

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