3 Little Details Interviewers always Notice

May 29 2014 by Alix Vazeux

"Portrait, young business man" by chatswoodfp

“Portrait, young business man” by chatswoodfp

You have been selected for the interview thanks to your stellar CV and fantastic cover letter, well done! The next step is to shine during the interview. We thought that the important details could make all the difference between getting the offer and not…

It also talks about the “Um” word (or should that be non-word?) I went through a phase of saying “Basically” at the beginning of every sentence until a friend pointed out that it didn’t mean anything – and then another phase of saying “Honestly” all the time until another friend asked me if I was being dishonest the rest of the time!! These little habits can really be annoying after a while – so keep an eye out for them! Read more