Make the most out of a virtual career fair

August 9 2019 by Albine Gilbert

Make the most out of a virtual career fair

Participating in a virtual career fair is a convenient and efficient way to reach out to targeted employers, from wherever you are in the world, be it a cafe or the comfort of your home.

However, despite the convenience of connecting with employers who are looking for candidates like you, do not forget you need to be on top of your game on the day. Don’t just attend a virtual job fair because you can. You still need to prepare and impress as if you were headed to a face to face interview.

1. Do your homework prior to the fair:

  • Do some research about the participating organisations,
  • Visit the fair booths which are often filled with useful information and check their career section on their website,
  • Review the different opportunities they are advertising,
  • Prepare some interesting and relevant questions related to the organisation, the opportunities they are offering and the sector trends,
  • Think about how you stand out from the crowd

2. Ensure your online profile is presentable :

  • Google your name and check what’s online as these employers will do the same,
  • Check that your social media is professional and set your privacy settings correctly so they can’t see irrelevant information such as your latest holidays snaps.

3. On the day prepare yourself as if you were going to a face to face interview

Don’t stay in your pyjamas, wear a professional outfit and do your hair. It will help you feel in a more professional mode and the recruiters will sense it.

4. Remember who you are chatting to

  • Remember you are chatting with recruiters and not with your best friend. Don’t use abbreviations or slang and be sure to check your spelling.
  • Be enthusiastic, responsive and makes the interaction meaningful.
  • Stand out from the crowd by expressing sincere interest in the organisation and their opportunities.

5. Plan to spend sufficient time in the virtual fair.

Depending on the number of organisations you are looking to engage with, the waiting queues and the actual chats you need to make yourself available for plenty of time.

6.  And last but not least: Test your internet connection and computer to ensure it is working properly prior to the event kick-off.

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