NATO is for Women Too | Employee Spotlights

October 22 2018 by Global Careers

NATO is for Women Too

Employee Spotlights


Natalie Brely (CAN)

Principal Logistics Officer – Lifecycle Management Directorate. NSPA




I have been always willing to work into international organizations. NATO has the ability to bring countries together, one country at a time. By working jointly, nations can see each other’s perspective and understand each other better, so common grounds is reached and Peace & Security maintained.  NATO and Nations should lead by example towards Women & Diversity.  Being a NATO civilian, I feel I am able to make a difference. It takes a lot of efforts and energy, but when we get people to work towards a common goal; we can build on change and move forward into the new world challenges.

NATO is not only a men environment; I see the value of women working in our organization. However, we are still far from gender balance; the percentage of women in lower ranks is higher, but slowly it will come and we need to be proactive on this.  It takes the women at the top, to pay attention to the women at the bottom. On the other hand, change comes also from the men. It is very important not only to raise our voice but also to change how coworkers see us.  It is a team effort: Men and women, we are two complementary pieces of the same puzzle.

I strongly encourage other women to apply to our organization, to be part of this diverse environment, to add value and bring new ideas. Diversity makes us stronger, so if you are thinking about joining NATO, then you should. Women represent 50% of the population, why limit ourselves by not taking advantage of 100% of the Global Workforce? We need more women to join the workforce that is dedicated to making our World a Better, Safer place for Generations.



Carol Macha (USA)

Service Integration Management

Branch Head, Service Management and Control NCI Agency



I joined NATO, and specifically NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), so I could work toward a collective defence of all Alliance nations. As a US career civil servant, I have worked in the Veteran and Defense sectors my whole career, from field units, to regional headquarters and to the Pentagon. But now at NCI Agency, I can extend this scope to the Alliance level. Working with multiple Nations and nationalities–all who have the same goal–is exhilarating.  I was attracted to NCI Agency so I could be a part of a multi-national team and work toward a collective objective. There are challenges at NATO, but they are far outweighed by the rewards of working with Allies to achieve a common goal. I highly encourage the NCI Agency as an employer. Working at NATO, living in Europe and having my family experience more of the world has been an invaluable experience.

I have fought against stereotypes of being a woman in IT, in the Defence sector, my whole career. In certain ways, NCI Agency is no different. However, in many ways, NCI Agency is more reflective and thoughtful than other organizations in which I have worked. There are wonderful opportunities here for everyone, and especially women. Our NCI Agency leadership is serious and committed to working toward greater gender equality at NCI Agency; it is fully recognised that teams with greater diversity are stronger, more productive team, and many aspects of diversity, including gender, contribute to this success. We’re working hard to examine our equality efforts and creating opportunities for greater gender balance. If you like being a part of change, and like being a trailblazer—come join us!

Clare Hutchinson – NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security – NATO International Staff

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