Overcome your recruitment challenges in Africa

July 10 2019 by Albine Gilbert

Global Careers has set up another exciting initiative to offer support for your recruitment challenges in Africa.

This year’s African Economic Outlook from the African Development Bank shows that the continent’s economic performance continues to improve with Gross Domestic Product reaching 3.5% in 2018 for the second year running, with a potential of 4.0% in 2019 and 4.1% the following year. To achieve this, a mix of macro and microeconomic policies will be required, ensuring that the continent’s forward momentum is maintained.

Having the best and brightest, both from within and outside the African borders will be key to delivering on this promise of economic prosperity.  For the second year running and supporting International Public Sector Organisations with their hiring needs, Global Careers welcomes once again recruiters and candidates to its online-only Recruitment Career Fair, connecting the best candidates with open jobs from your organisation.

As always, a strict selection process based on the requirements of recruiting organisations will ensure that only the best and most talented professionals join us on the day and get to speak to participating recruiters.

This event offers great recruitment means for International Organisations who are recruiting nationals from the African continent, seeking to boost their employer brand positioning across the region or simply, refreshing or building their Talent Roster.

Benefits of attending this unique online recruitment event?

  • Engage with pre-selected, qualified professionals – during our events, recruiters will engage with an on-target audience, in line with their recruitment requirements. For this event, Global Careers already holds information on nearly 17,000 candidate profiles from Africa with a minimum of a Master’s degree and international experience,
  • Talent Pool building – Organisations which may not have all the roles they need to fill during the year at the date of the event but know they will in the future. They can start building their pool of eligible profiles which they can put to use when the vacancies go live,
  • Great branding opportunity – It’s a competitive market and organisations are looking at new ways to engage with job seekers. What better way than on a tech platform? It’s easy, convenient and cost-effective! It lets anyone join in during their day, from home, office or even whilst on the move. Presence at our recruitment events reinforces the employer brand by allowing the organisation to stand above competitors recruitment efforts.
  • Cost efficient – Significant savings on international travel and accommodation costs.

If you are an employer interested in taking part  – Contact us here